Wednesday, June 09, 2010

That's My Son!

The MLB draft is wrapping up and there have been some interesting picks thus far. No, not Bryce Harper to the Nationals, that was a no-brainer. Rather, a choice few of selections by the Tigers, Rockies, White Sox, and Giants. Each team took their manager's son...awww, how nice?!

*Detroit Tigers took Jim Leyand's son Patrick Leyland in the 8th round.
*San Francisco Giants took Bruce Bochy's son Brett Bocy in the 20th round.
*Colorado Rockies took Jim Tracy's son Mark Tracy and the Chicago White Sox took Ozzie Guillen's son Ozney Guillen in the 22nd round.

1 comment:

tamtam said...

Ozzie's kid got drafted by the Rockies?!

Hope Pops isn't too PO'd about that, lol. But then again, 1 Guillen in Chicago is enough