Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Howard

Ryan Howard is an imposing figure on the baseball field, towering over most of the competition with biceps that send frail-bodied pitchers running for their mommies. He has prodigious power, a Swiss cheese swing, and faulty fielding. The brilliant minds over at We Should Be GMs (me being one of them) created The Howard before the 2009 season in honor of the Phillies slugging, strikeout prone, error-ridden 1st baseman. The Howard- anytime a player hits a homerun, strikes out, and commits and error in the same game. This stat was tracked for the entire season, but its namesake never was credited with a Howard. Instead, Mark Reynolds and Adam Dunn paced the Majors with 4 apiece. However, this year has been a different story, as Howard is tied for the MLB lead in Howards with 2. Interested in seeing who all Howarded this season? Then visit WSBGMs and search the list located at the top of the right sidebar.


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