Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy 21st, Baltimore!!!!!

Friday night's victory over the Nationals was a big win for Baltimore's anguished avians, when they finally broke into the "Over 20" crowd that currently includes the illustrious company of the Indians, Astros, Pirates, and Diamondbacks. They have won their 21st game of the season, and they did it before the halfway point! That is amazing! Now if only they can keep their winning streak alive and the Yankees, Rays, Sox, and Jays lose the next 25 games or so the Orioles are poised to be division leaders! Maybe now the team will have the confidence it needs to continue to crush their competitors since they have shaken the stigma of the teens. After a horrible start to the season, maybe they are finally on the road to recovery!

Hopefully, they are well enough to enjoy it.


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GM-Carson said...

Win #22 yesterday. The O's are hot!