Monday, June 07, 2010

Draughts for the Draft

Sports writers can't spill enough ink over the precocious prodigy Bryce Harper, his future with the Nationals, and whether or not his attitude is age-appropriate. There's no drama with the draft's number one pick this season, so while the eyes of baseball's most ardent aficionados aggressively appraise acquisitions, you can sit back, relax, and revel in something Harper can't legally do for another 3 years: DRINK BEER! In keeping with More Hardball's grand tradition of acquainting our readers with micro-breweries who are producing exceptional libations, I give you Thirsty Dog Brewing Company.

Established in 1997 in Akron, Ohio, this brewery is perhaps best known for their Hoppus Maximus and Old Leghumper flavors. The former has been awarded with silvers at the 2001 Great American Beer Festival, and the 2004 World Beer Cup. Hoppus Maximus contains a blend of American hops, and amber caramel malts. Critics complain that it is not hoppy enough, and it has a weak nose, but the hops have a hint of pine and citrus, and the finish is smooth. At 5.9% ABV, one can while away an evening downing a few. Overall, a beer that is definitely worth a taste.

Like any porter, Old Leghumper is dark and malty. What sets it aside are the sweet hints of chocolate and roasted coffee beans. I personally enjoyed this beer several times last week, when I drank the entire 6 pack while celebrating the arrival of my birthday. It is not as heavy as most porters, but as it is fairly light, one can enjoy a few at a time. A good way to describe this beer is that it is a silky porter - light, but rich, and very smooth. ABV - 6.7%

Thirsty Dog also releases seasonal beers, as well as keeping other standards on rotation. To see a list of what beers they currently offer visit Thirsty Dog Brewery here, or go to their Grille Brewhouse. Thirsty Dog distributes to the north-central and Mid-Atlantic areas, as well as Maine, Virginia and North Carolina. If you live in these areas, find a place that serves or sells Thirsty Dog beers and enjoy their many unique flavors.

-12 Dogs Of Christmas Ale
-Airship Light
-Belgian Siberian Night Imperial Stout Aged On Cherries
-Cerberus 10 Dog Ale
-Hoppus Maximus
-Irish Setter Red
-Labrador Lager
-Lunar Lager
-Old Leghumper
-Orthus Belgian Dubbel
-Orthus Belgian Dubbel Aged On Cherries
-Raspberry Ale
-Raspberry Leghumper
-Siberian Night Imperial Stout
-Spiced Pumpkin Ale
-Stud Service Stout
-Toil And Trouble Imperial Dubbel
-Twisted Kilt Scotch Ale
-Whippet Wheat

Tour the Thirsty Dog Facility


GM-Carson said...

I've had the Hoppus Maximus and Siberean Night Impreal Stout and I am a fan.

Burton said...

I've not had the Siberean yet, but I have heard nothing but good things about it.

tamtam said...

DAMMIT!! I can't wait till I'm 21! You guys got SOO much beer to ship to me for sampling!

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