Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cabrera's Concrete Cojones

Taking a hard hit ball to the crotch is enough to make half of the people on this planet extraordinarially ill. After the initial shock comes the throbbing ache that begins in the nuts and mercilessly radiates to the stomach. Most guys would fall over in a puddle of their own sick. But not Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera, who suffered a smack to the sack yesterday after a grounder popped up and caught him where the sun don't shine. It was manager Jim Leyland who decided to pull Cabrera after he said he felt a bit dizzy. Cabrera, who currently leads the MLB in homeruns - 19, rbi -59, and SLG - .645, is scheduled to start in today's game against the Diamondbacks.


GM-Carson said...

Now that's what I call a Tuff Nut!

tamtam said...

Rolling on floor laughing my ass off XD