Sunday, June 27, 2010

Big Z Behaving Badly

This past Friday, during the second half of the annual Crosstown Classic, Cubs Vs. White Sox, Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano completely lost his shit at first baseman, Derrek Lee. The meltdown led to Big Z getting tossed, and later on in the dugout, Zambrano tossed a Gatorade cooler around before finally hitting the showers. Here's the link to the video on

This isn't the first time Carlos Zambrano has blown a gasket while on the job. Last year, he famously destroyed a Gatorade dispenser in the dugout with a bat, and later on the season, got into a full-out bitchfight with then-catcher Michael Barret.

While Zambrano is known for being an emotional pitcher, these past few years have seen an uptick in the intensity of the outbursts. I know, I know, being a pitcher is no easy job. I understand if you fist-pump and jump around on the mound for joy after striking out a batter. However, there is a difference between good emotion and bad emotion. Bad emotion is what gets you kicked out of games and suspended indefinately.

Deep down inside, I'm thinkin' Zambrano wants out of Chicago. He's spent the past 10 years of his career with only one team, and he has yet to win a World Series ring. Well, given that he plays for the Cubs, it's gonna be a LONG time before that organ-I-zation wins a championship.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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GM-Carson said...

Zambrano is a douche. There's no room for continuous outbursts like that. He's a bitch and should be suspended without pay for a long time.