Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bang for the Buck- Jonny Gomes

.307/.919, 28 r, 12 2b, 2 3b, 9 hr, 47 rbi in 56 games. That's all star worthy, that's MVP consideration worthy, that's big contract worthy. That line belongs to Jonny Gomes, the man who remained a free agent long into the offseason and seemed unwanted by most. Sure these numbers exceed his career line, but let's remember he's only 29 and is doing better because of his ability to hit right-handed pitching this season which affords manager Dusty Baker to insert him into the lineup on a regular basis.

Against LHP- .339/1.092
Against RHP- .283/.766

Against LHP- .280/.905
Against RHP- .230/.767

The OPS is the same, but the batting average is much higher, and although extra base hits are great, sometimes a single is the all that is needed. Gomes is certainly giving the Reds a bang for their buck, as his 2010 salary is a measly $800k. The best part though, a $1.75 club option for 2011. Don't be surprised if Cincinnati shows good faith and picks that option up soon.

Added bonus- I picked Gomes up off the free agent stack in fantasy about 3 weeks ago.

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Anonymous said...

I picked him about about 2.5 weeks ago lol! Loved it since!