Thursday, June 03, 2010

1/3 Season MLB All-Star Team

With some clubs playing their 54th game of the season that signifies that the 2010 campaign is 1/3 complete. With that in mind I decided to sculpt a 25-man roster of the MLB elite from this year thus far. Many positions led to tough choices, but I tried to go with overall stats: power/speed combo and OPS on offensive, and ERA/WHIP in the pitching department, with wins, saves, and holds of course.

Starting 9:
C/Joe Mauer/MIN-
.321/.851, 25 r, 17 xbh, 24 rbi
1B/Justin Morneau/MIN-
.374/1.176, 36 r, 12 hr, 37 rbi
2B/Robinson Cano/NYY-
.366/1.021, 37 r, 11 hr, 40 rbi
SS/Hanely Ramirez/FLA-
.296/.856, 30 r, 8 hr, 27 rbi, 7 sb
3B/Evan Longoria/TBR-
.318/.961, 36 r, 10 hr, 42 rbi, 10 sb
LF/Ryan Braun/MIL-
.320/.920, 39 r, 8 hr, 33 rbi, 11 sb
CF/Alex Rios/CHW-
.315/.954, 32 r, 11 hr, 27 rbi, 16 sb
RF/Jayson Heyward/ATL-
.287/.977, 29 r, 10 hr, 38 rbi, 4 sb
DH/Vladimir Guerrero/TEX-
.335/.925, 30 r, 12 hr, 44 rbi, 4 sb

C/Miguel Olivo/COL-
.313/.947, 23 r, 8 hr, 25 rbi, 4 sb
1B/Miguel Cabrera/DET-
.347/1.078, 34 r, 14 hr, 48 rbi
OF/Vernon Wells/TOR-
.307/.962, 34 r, 13 hr, 37 rbi
UTL/Kevin Youkilis/BOS-
.303/1.020, 47 r, 10 hr, 30 rbi

Starting Pitching:
Ubaldo Jimenez/COL-
10 w, 0.78/0.90, 80.1 ip, 70 k
Roy Halladay/PHI-
7 w, 1.99/0.99, 86 ip, 70 k
Mike Pelfrey/NYM-
8 w, 2.39/1.24, 71.2 ip, 52 k
Adam Wainwright/STL-
7 w, 2.28/1.01, 79 ip, 77 k
Jaime Garcia/STL-
5 w, 1.32/1.19, 61.1 ip, 51 k

Rafael Soriano/TBR-
2 w, 15 sv, 1.27/0.84, 21.1 ip, 17 k
Jonathan Broxton/LAD-
3 w, 13 sv, 1.16/0.90, 23.1 ip, 35 k
Carlos Marmol/CHC-
1 w, 11 sv, 1.44/1.12, 25 ip, 50 k
Jose Valverde/DET-
1 w, 11 sv, 0.44/0.92, 20.2 ip, 16 k
Tyler Clippard/WAS-
7 w, 11 hld, 1.82/1.07, 34.2 ip, 40 k
Arthur Rhodes/CIN-
1 w, 13 hld, 0.42/0.69, 21.2 ip, 21 k
Luke Gregerson/SDP-
1 w, 13 hld, 1.63/0.43, 27.2 ip, 32 k

*Stats through games played June 1, 2010.

Honorable Mentions:
C- Ivan Rodriguez, Ronny Paulino, Carlos Ruiz
1B- Joey Votto, Albert Pujols, Billy Butler
2B- Martin Prado, Ty Wigginton, Chase Utley
SS- Elvis Andrus, Troy Tulowitzki
3B- Scott Rolen, Ryan Zimmerman, Adrian Beltre
OF- Jayson Werth, Carl Crawford, Ichiro Suzuki, Austin Jackson, Nick Swisher
P- Livan Hernandez, Jon Garland, Josh Johnson, Tim Hudson, Andy Pettitte, Phil Hughes, Matt Capps, Francisco Cordero


epv2 said...

how is Phil Hughes not in your honorable mentions?

GM-Carson said...

He absolutely should be, and I swear I thought I had him there. He may have been accidentally erased during editing. He will be added now!

Anonymous said...

Cabrera has to be the choice at Firstbase. Heyward in an OF spot???? He's been really good so far but come on. Lastly, how is Ruiz on the catcher HM but Barajas is left off???

Andrew said...

Cabrera does not have to be the choice at 1b. Morneau is having an unbelievable year so far.

Zack said...

What's wrong with the Heyward choice? He has the highest OPS of any RF in MLB right now.

GM-Carson said...

Heyward is the choice in RF because of his OPS, it's that simple.

Cabrera has been unbelievable, but Morneau has been better.

Also, on Barajas- he hits homeruns, awesome, but that's it. His on base % is lower than .300 I believe.

Anonymous said...

Barajas has a .291 on base percentage which is way lower than Ruiz's but he has a .544 slugging percentage which is way higher than Ruiz's. So they should be considered the same. Barajas OPS = .835, Ruiz OPS = .856.

Devin said...

How is the the guy with the most RBI's in the NL not AT LEAST an honorable mention???? (Jorge Cantu)
.483 slg .819 ops 42 RBI (as of Thursday)
along with Josh Johnson!!!!!!
6-2 2.10 ERA 77/24 K/BB
I know the Fish are small market but come on this cant be over-looked!!

GM-Carson said...

Wait, the Marlins are a MLB team. Oops, my bad.

Seriously though, there's been a lot of great performers thus far and selecting was very difficult, even naming honorable mentions was too.

Anonymous said...

I'll preface this by saying I am a Red Sox fan, and none of your choices were bad/wrong so it's hard to make room...but not even an honorable mention for Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz? They've been among the AL's best starters!

GM-Carson said...

Some excellent discussion here, and I knew there would be people questioning the list. I think I did a fine job assembling the 25 man roster, but do admit there were some obvious mistakes due to omission from the honorable mentions category. In my defense, I didn't want to name too many honorable mentions either.