Monday, May 03, 2010

Royal Pains

This has surely been a season of unusual occurrences: the Mets have played like a professional baseball team, and the Nationals are only 1.5 games behind the division leader, and Zack Greinke, last year's Cy Young Award winner, has 0 wins to his credit.

It appears April was not kind to Greinke, but that is not the case. Although winless, he has an ERA of 2.27, and a stellar 0.98 WHIP. In 6 starts, he's pitched 39.3 innings, allowed 13 runs (10 earned), 4 home runs, 32 hits, and 33 strike outs. He's still pitching like a Cy Young winner. So why does he remain winless? It comes down to a simple truth in two words, Royals Suck. Every time Greinke has left the mound, the Royals have been either on top, or within a run or two behind. Then the Royal relievers come in, and all of Greinke's hard work comes to naught. The Royals have no bullpen. A glimpse at the relievers who have followed Greinke will easily illustrate why this incredible pitcher has nothing to show for his efforts.

April 5: Royals lead the Tigers 4-2, Greinke pulled in the 7th. He is replaced by Roman Colon, ERA 18.00. Colon is pulled after two batters, and is replaced by Robinson Tejeda, ERA 8.76, who lasts four batters before being swapped out for Juan Cruz (who has only pitched 5.1 innings, but at least has a 3.38 ERA). At the close of the 7th inning, the Royals were behind the Tigers, 8-4. The Royals closed with Kyle Farnsworth (ERA 4.82).

April 10: Not one of Greinke's better days. The Royals are behind the Red Sox, 1-4. Greinke is pulled after pitching seven full innings and is replaced by Dusty Hughes, who in 10 innings this season has picked up a 4.35 ERA. Hughes lasts three batters before being pulled. Luis Mendoza takes the mound. Mendoza has an ERA of 22.50. He is replaced by Colon. Royals lose 8-3.

April 16: Greinke again struggles, but keeps the Royals to a 1 run deficit behind the Twins (2-1). Kyle Farnsworth takes over pitching in the bottom of the 6th (where the score is now 4-2, Twins). He faces three batters before being swapped for Hughes. Hughes is replaced by Tejeda in the 7th, who is then replaced by Cruz in the 9th. The Royals lose 10-2.

April 21: Royals lead Blue Jays 3-2, Greike pitches 7 successful innings. Rupe starts the bottom of the 8th facing only two batters, before yielding the mound to John Parrish (who has an ERA of 3.00 after pitching 6 innings this season). Parrish is replaced in the 9th (for some reason) by the perennial suck-fest of Tejeda. Joakim Soria closes in the 10th. Soria is one of the few bright spots on the Royals roster, with an ERA of 2.31.

April 27: Greinke pitches 7 innings, holding the Mariners at 0. The Royals are ahead by 2. Josh Rupe replaces Greinke for the 8th inning. Rupe has only pitched 8 innings this season, and in that time he has picked up an ERA of 4.50. He is inexplicably replaced by Tejeda, who is pulled for Bruce Chen after 2 batters. Chen currently has an ERA of 0.00 after pitching 2.1 innings. The Royals lose 3-2.

May 2: Greinke pitches all 8 innings. He holds the number one Tampa Bay Rays to one run. Royals batting does what they do best (i.e. nothing), and the Royals fall 0-1.

The dismal pitching staff coupled with equally poor batting has kept one of baseball's best from picking up a single win.

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