Monday, May 17, 2010

Piniella's Perinneal Pains

Lou Piniella is looking for one more win to reach the 1800 win milestone, but the Cubs continue to disappoint. The team with the third highest payroll in the majors is still playing like a team of Little Leaguers. Last night, Piniella railed against his own team's shortcomings stating that they needed to be more productive, and that the talent on the team was not living up to expectations. According to Piniella, the solution is simple:
We're confident that we'll get it going but we've got to score more runs consistently and we've got to keep [opponents] from scoring, especially late, because you can't come back from those things...Once we do that, we'll win more baseball games. And then everybody will be happy. The media will be happy. The manager will be happy. The players will be happy. The fans will be happy. And if not, we'll continue to be unhappy.

Winning means scoring more and keep the opponent from scoring? Brilliant strategy, thanks Napoleon. With 20% of the season down, there is plenty of room for improvement for the Cubbies, once they master the whole "score more" tactic.

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GM-Carson said...

I always find it retarded/amusing when teams flash their "keys to the game" on the screen as the game begins and it says- "score runs". Duh, no shit!