Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Law and Order: MLB

Despite the fact that NBC has pulled the plug on one of the most successful shows in television history, they are preparing to pilot a new Law and Order spin off in the fall. The new incarnation will take place in (yawn) Los Angeles. Looking over today's sports headlines, though, I think Dick Wolf should consider prime time jurisprudence baseball style.
  • New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty In Vomiting Case*
  • Dodgers Sue Lovitz**
  • McNamee To Testify In Clemmons Grand Jury**
  • Settlement OK'd In Leyritz Wrongful Death Suit**
  • Ex-Yanks Pitcher Irabu Arrested For Alleged DUI**
  • Source: Police Rule Out Foul Play In Lima's Death*

  • *ESPN
    **Sports Illustrated

    Normally the sports page isn't rife with civil litigation or criminal activity. Between puking pricks, drunk dicks, perjuring pitchers, and stars who shaft ticket brokers, Wolf has a veritable playground of potential source material.

    Joan Jett - Bad Reputation


    GM-Carson said...

    That fat douchebucket from NJ that puked on the little girl should be publicly flogged then have his weiner stapled to his leg.

    Burton said...

    then we should find the biggest, fattest, red neck to puke ten gallons of beer and nachos on him.

    tamtam said...

    There goes my dinner...