Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Since the passage of SB 1070 out here in AZ, the country has been immersed in intense debate over the constitutionality of the bill as well as charges of racial profiling that could stem from overzealous officers.

Baseball has not escaped the racial sting either. Aside from players vowing to personally boycott the upcoming All-Star Game in Phoenix, one player has now been arrested and set to be deported back to his home country, according to the following satirical article. Note, IT'S SATIRE!! IT'S NOT A TRUE STORY!!

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Gerardo Parra was pulled out of the batter's box during his first plate appearance last night after several Arizona fans reported to stadium police that Parra looked suspiciously Mexican. "Under the new state law, we have to follow up on these things," said a stadium security spokesman. "And it's good we did. He didn't have the required paperwork." Parra told police he is from Venezuela, not Mexico, but had no official identification on him at the plate. "His wristbands had his name on them, but that's not good enough," said arresting office Lt. Michael Dellesardo. "It's pretty easy to get fake wristbands these days." Parra was arrested on the field and is now awaiting a deportation hearing. Arizona manager AJ Hinch replaced Parra in the lineup with Cole Gillespie. "Cole is our fourth outfielder and has great potential," said Hinch. "Because he's white."


PS: The image accompanying this entry is a scene from a Mexican folk tale, "Popo and Itza"


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I'm part Mexican. Cinco De Mayo bitches!!!

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