Thursday, May 06, 2010

The Game from Where I Stand

Doug Glanville is probably that kid you know from Little League who was always just a little better than the rest of you - faster, hit the ball a little harder, was totally in the game ...but yet, was just one of the guys. In high school he was that kid who successfully made the move between being the "smart kid" and the "jock" with grace. He's a guy who wrote a great book (by himself ghostwriter for Doug) without trashing anyone. In a straightforward manner, he lays down his experiences in professional baseball and gives us all a chance to feel like we've experienced some part of what it's like to get paid to play baseball. Glanville is a smart, honest, and classy guy and his book reflects that.

Glanville was an Ivy-league educated major leaguer. I only bring this up because it puts him in a rare group. He brings it up because everyone else always did! His father's passion for psychiatry might explain his of player psyche and choices. Regardless, it's an interesting, and manageable, approximately 180 page read.

He covers the big stuff - steroids (he did play in the height of the Steroids Era), race (to some degree), and what I'll call questionable moral behavior. I found his response to performance enhancing drugs as well as "the list" a wonderful reflection of the man. He covers the small stuff - photo day, what players do during a rain delay, choosing a glove.

*Note: I'm not positive, but Doug Glanville just might be the president and founder of the Hall & Oates fan club.

*More information on Doug Glanville's book The Game from Where I Stand.

*Post guest written by my lovely wife Mandy.

Hall & Oates- Rich Girl


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