Saturday, May 01, 2010

The 2nd Place Nationals?

I'm a Phillies fan. I hate the Mets and pretty much any other team in the National League, especially the NL East. It pains me to see the Queens from Queens sitting in 1st place and then directly below them in the standings...the Phillies? No. The Braves? Ah, hell no. The Marlins? Don't think so. The Nationals? Holy shit, it is the Nationals! Washington is 13-10 and has been playing well of late due to timely hitting and a much improved pitching staff. Matt Capps is holding it down in the 9th, minor league contracted Livan Hernandez has been outstanding, Ivan Rodriguez is batting over .400, and Nyjer Morgan is one fast bastard. Doubtful, check that absolute, they will not be able to continue these winning ways all season, but for now Gnats fans should rejoice.

Wise Up Sucker:
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*Bootlegger Sports calls out the Wall Street Journal for their retardedness. Those idiots actually called the Cleveland Indians America's most hated baseball team. WTF? Everyone hates the Yankees, even Derek Jeter hate the Yankees.

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