Thursday, April 01, 2010

What Ales You?

With Opening Night only a few days away (April 4th) teams are ready to get the hell outta Florida and Arizona (unless of course they're the Diamondbacks, Rays, or Marlins) and back home to their respective cities. However, many clubs are dealing with injuries to important cogs in their contraption to victory in 2010. The following is a list of such players that are going to begin the season on the DL.

Ailing Aces:
1. Brandon Webb/Arizona Diamondbacks- shoulder
2. Daisuke Matsuzaka/Boston Red Sox- back/neck
3. Ted Lilly/Chicago Cubs- shoulder/knee
4. Edison Volquez/Cincinnati Reds- elbow
5. Joe Blanton/Philadelphia Phillies- oblique
6. Erik Bedard/Seattle Mariners- shoulder
7. Cliff Lee/Seattle Mariners- abdominal/suspension
8. Chien-Ming Wang/Washington Nationals- shoulder

Roughed-Up Relievers:
1. Angel Guzman/Chicago Cubs- shoulder
2. Kerry Wood/Cleveland Indians- back
3. Taylor Buchholz/Colorado Rockies- elbow
4. Huston Street/Colorado Rockies- shoulders
5. Bobby Seay/Detroit Tigers- arm
6. Cory Wade/Los Angeles Dodgers- shoulder
7. David Riske/Milwaukee Brewers- elbow
8. Brad Lidge/Philadelphia Phillies- elbow/knee
9. JC Romero/Philadelphia Phillies- elbow
10. Neal Cotts/Pittsburgh Pirates- elbow
11. Joe Thatcher/San Diego Padres- shoulder
12. JP Howell/Tampa Bay Rays- shoulder

Obstructed Offense:

1. Russell Branyan/Cleveland Indians- back
2. Lance Berkman/Houston Astros- knee
3. Alex Gordon/Kansas City Royals- thumb
4. Carlos Beltran/New York Mets- knee
5. Jose Reyes/New York Mets- thyroid
6. Freddy Sanchez/San Francisco Giants- shoulder/knee
7. Ian Kinsler/Texas Rangers- ankle
8. Jesus Flores/Washington Nationals- shoulder


The Man With The Golden Arm said...

No mention of Dustin McGowan of the Blue Jays? I know he usually starts the year there but he is out of options and will be on the roster when he is ready to go.

GM-Carson said...

Sorry there Lloyd Mosbley, but I didn't consider McGowan "ace" bad.