Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stiff Back....Phillies Fans Stiffed

According to San Francisco Tribune, on Friday, Pittsburgh Pirates Pitcher Ross Ohlendorf went to bed feeling fine and woke up a stiff ass mess. He said the bed was too soft and when he woke up and tried to put on his shoes he had stiffness in his back. The Pirates quickly acted and called up Brian Burres from the minors and flew him to San Fransisco for the start on Monday. However, the same results ensued and the Pirates lost 9-3. Personally, I have been to some of the ritzy hotels that the players stay at (Westin in Chicago, Westin in St. Louis) and they all are superb. Nothing like 1000 count sheets to get you in the baseball mood. My only conclusion from this is that maybe Ohlendorf was sleeping on a Pirates bat because they surely sucked this past weekend and after winning the first game are quickly in the cellar and it's not even May yet.

In other news, The Phillies again won another game yesterday and are now 6-1. Cole Hamels still has not thrilled me and to be honest he has only faced Washington this year. I am worried, along with Moyer, on how they will do against Atlanta or even the Mets. Cole needs to take his time and feel more confident in his change-up and use it in better situations.

One thing strange and disheartening to many Phillies fans was that there was no "That Balls Outta Here" call when a homerun was hit from the Phillies. If you listened closely to the game yesterday you heard someone complain right next to the broadcasters about the absence of Harry. I found out after the game through WIP-610 that someone from the station was going to call the Phillies reprentative and find out what was going on. Come on, seriously, what is baseball without peanuts, Beer without being drunk, and Phillies baseball without Harry.