Friday, April 09, 2010

Promotional Outlook

This baseball season has some unique promotions going on. From the skateboards being offered by San Fransisco to the snuggies by the Angels.

Skateboard Night
May 30th-SF Giants
The Giants are giving away skateboard decks to the first 7,500 kids 14 and under and it seems like a natural fit for a team that's based in California and lead by a Cy Young winner that looks like he came straight from the skate park. But look! The Reds will also be giving away decks to teeny Tony Hawks on the same night.
Lawyers Appreciation Night
May 13th-Florida Marlins
For some reason the Marlins feel that because they had to raise payroll they are forced to have people in suits and ties to show up and watch the Marlins while it is mid 80's with sunny weather and beautiful beaches. The promotion is offering half price tickets for people who bring clients. So you are playing about $250 an hour for a lawyer and you only get half price. That blows.
Garden Gnome Figurine Night
May 22nd-Arizona Diamondbacks
First off, who the hell has a garden in Arizona where the weather is always around 100 and the air is so thick? I would understand if they gave away Upton umbrellas or Shilling sprinklers, but garden gnomes. Are they supposed to ward away the evil spirits of the LA Dodgers? I think not.
Justin Verlander "K Counter" Bobblehead
April 30th-Detriot Tigers
First off this giveaway is awesome. Imagine sitting at home and rotating that thing every time he strikes someone out. I think this toy will branch out into the Howard counter or the Bobby Cox ejection machine (imagine Cox sitting in a recliner and you just pushing a button to throw him out) I give major props for this invention.
Snuggie Night
April 6th-LA Angels
Each fan in attendance was given a Matsui blanket, also known as a snuggie. That night during the game each fan put on their snuggie and wore it for five minutes, thus setting the World Record.
Other notable promotions:
April 11, Orioles: Plush Chick-Fil-A cows
April 17, A's: Roy Steele bobblehead. This has to be a first -- a bobblehead of a public-address announcer. Steele has done the PA for the A's since they moved to Oakland in 1968.
April 24, Reds: Ballpark turf grower. "Grow your own pot of Great American Ball Park turf." Tim Lincecum doesn't need it, thank you.

May 23, Pirates: Pierogy wind-up racers.
Oct. 1, Reds: Scout night campout. Boy and girl scouts and their families can camp out on the field after the game. And when they wake up, it will be Hispanic Heritage Day.