Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Mets are in first??????

Some things in life go together. A horse and carriage. Apple pie and milk. Ham and Cheese. Baseball and peanuts. But NOT Mets and first place. Yes ladies and gentlemen it happened yesterday. The Mets were in a doubleheader with the pathetic Dodgers where Citi Field looked like a ghost town for the first game. Unfortunately for Phillies fans, the Mets took both games and with the Phillies losing last night the Mets took over first place. So how did this happen???? First off it barely happened with pitching. Oliver Perez looked horrible yesterday. It took him 75 pitches to get 10 outs. The bright spot for the Mets were Jason Bay and David Wright. Jason Bay followed up his first homer as a Met in game one with a first-inning triple and a spectacular diving catch in the second inning to steal a hit from Jamey Carroll.
David Wright also had a huge day at the plate, going 3-for-3 with a walk and 4 RBI. His bases-clearing triple in the sixth cemented the win. Summary: The Mets caught the Dodgers at just the right time in the season. Los Angeles is currently without Manny Ramirez, Vicente Padilla, Cory Wade, and Jeff Weaver, didn’t have Rafael Furcal due to a tight hamstring, and for all intents and purposes didn’t have Ronald Belisario nor Hong Chih Kuo available. James Loney exacerbated the situation by getting ejected in the fourth inning. I am sure the outcome of the series will be very different come later in the season.
On the other hand, The team that was in first is horrible as of late. They can't even use their ace to get a win. For some reason the Phillies head to San Fransisco and their bats go cold, their pitching becomes sloppy as well as their baserunning. Jamie Moyer again gave up several runs in a short outing and Howard and Utley get thrown out trying to leg out a two-bagger. And to top it all off, the Phillies face Lincecum today. Prediction Giants 7 Phillies 1. Lincecum throws a complete game and Hamels goes three innings while giving up five runs.

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GM-Carson said...

Sons a bitches won again today, 7 straight I believe.