Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just how bad are the Nationals?

If you've been in hiding with Bin Laden for the past decade and decided to finally surface and wash your stank ass, then you need to know that the Washington Nationals suck. If you've been living a normal life, even if in Siberia, then you damn well better already know that tidbit of information.

Just how bad are the Nationals? Well, their pitching staff is sporting a ghastly 7.97 ERA, "good" enough for worst in baseball. It gets worse, they've walked 27 batter in 35 innings while only striking out 18. That's Steve Blass (1973- 88.2 ip, 84 bb, 27 k, 12 hit batters, and 9 wild pitches) and Rick Ankiel, pitching version (2000 postseason- 4 ip, 11 bb, and 9 wild pitches) bad!