Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hardball Wars: A-Rod vs. Braden

Alex Rodriguez might be a punk-ass bitch. Dallas Braden might be a bit sensitive. Mix them together and you've got a caustic concoction. Thursday night A-Rod trotted across the mound and stepped on the rubber as he crossed over it after a foul ball. Braden proceeded to become outraged by a complete lack of respect for baseball etiquette.

The War of Words:
He should probably take a note from his captain over there and realize you don't cross the pitcher's mound in between an inning or during the game. I was just dumbfounded that he would let that slip his mind, being someone of such status. I don't care if I'm Cy Young or the 25th man on the roster, if I've got the ball in my hand and I'm on that mound, that's my mound. He ran across the pitcher's mound foot on my rubber. No, not happening. We're not the door mat anymore.
~Dallas Braden

"He just told me to get off his mound. I was a little surprised. I'd never quite heard that. Especially from a guy that has a handful of wins in his career. I thought it was pretty funny actually.
~Alex Rodriguez

Gotta side with Braden on this one. The pitcher's mound is for the pitcher. What would A-Rod have done if Braden decided to take a stroll through the batter's box? A-Rod's cockiness in his response to Braden shows he's just a high-priced asshole. I hope he finds it funny when Braden plants one in his earhole next time the two of them face each other, because I know I will.

Open Your Eyes!
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Burton said...

"...especially from a guy that has a handful of wins in his career" What the fuck asshole? So if it was somebody like Randy Johnson A-Rod would be more respectful? What a prick. At least the wins Braden has weren't artifically enhanced.

tamtam said...

Speaking of A-Rod...

GM-Carson said...

It should be mentioned that A-Rod was choking on a cock during that interview.

Burton said...

Oooohhh...that makes sense.