Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Early Season Surprises

The 2010 MLB season is only 2 weeks old, but there are already a handful of surprises. Some good and some bad. Lets take a look...

The Good:
*Franklin Gutierrez, Scott Podsednik, and Placiod Polanco lead the MLB with 21 hits apiece. Where the hell is Derek Jeter and Ichiro Suzuki?

*Pudge Rodriguez is batting a NL-leading .444 with 7 doubles. I would love to see this surefire Hall of Famer collect 3000 hits.

*Jose Guillen and Vernon Wells have become accustomed to garnering fans' angst, but now it's admiration with Guillen popping 5 and Wells 6 homeruns in the early going.

*Roy Halladay, Adam Wainwright, and Matt Garza have pitched 24 innings apiece, for an average of 8 ip per start.

*Tim Lincecum- 3 w, 24 k. 0.90 ERA...yeah, he's good.

*Jon Rauch, all 6 foot 11 inches of him, has taken on tall order of filling in for Joe Nathan as the Twins closer and is a perfect 6-6 in save opportunities.

*Livan Hernandez and JA Happ have made 2 starts apiece and nary an earned run allowed.

*The Rays, Yankees, Twins, and A's all have 9 wins.

*The Pirates (7-5) and Blue Jays (7-6) are above .500. For how long? I bet each finishes with a losing April.

The Bad:
*Jason Bay leads the Majors with 18 k's. The Mets can't get anything right.

*Hitless Wonder- Taylor Teagarden (0-18). He's a Texas Ranger, I thought they all hit?

*Matt Kemp has been caught stealing 3 times. You think between he and Rhianna's money he wouldn't have to turn to thievery.

*Nick Blackburn and Billy Tallet have allowed 6 homeruns each. TNT, they're dynamite!

*Unsightly ERAs- Jason Marquis 20.52, Kyle Kendrick 17.47, Craig Stammen 15.63, Daniel McCutchen 14.73, Chad Morton 13.50. The ghost of Cy Young would do better.

*The Red Sox are 4-8. Panic in Beantown?


GM-Carson said...

*Franklin Gutierrez had 2 more hits last night.

*Pudge upped his average.

*Stammen had a good outing, lowering his ERA to the 8's.

*BoSox lost again.

Burton said...

What is up with Boston this season?

GM-Carson said...

Hopefully they suck. I'm tired of them.

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