Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cause for Concern

Even though we have only been into the season for less than a month, there is already cause for concern among many Major League teams who are struggling severely or just having difficulty in certain situations. As many people have put it before "You can't win a World Series in April but you can surely lose one."

Philadelphia Phillies

Speaking of the pen....THEY SUCK!!!! Two years ago the bullpen was stellar and had no downfalls. This season they are generally going by committee and don't have their shit together. Figgy has shown some quality appearances and so has Durbin, but beyond that they are in trouble. Madson can't seem to get his shit together with hitting his spots or taking command of his change up and the highly priced Baez is not what he used to be. I feel that even when Lidge comes back the bullpen will still be in trouble. Dubee needs to get his act together and figure out a way to save the games in the end rather than blowing them and wasting quality starts by the starting pitchers.

Chicago Cubs
Talk about a team in trouble. This team is destined to not win another World Series for the next 100 years. I understand that Zambrano is having a horrible year with a 1-2 record and an era of over 7.00. But in the reality of things the Cubs had to make room for Lilly. Wells is coming off a stellar rookie season and is 1-0 with a 2.45 ERA in three starts. Dempster has been solid, compiling a 1-0 record and 3.15 ERA. The Cubs didn't want four lefties in the 'pen, which eliminated Gorzelanny. They didn't want to test Silva's right shoulder, either, in a relief role. The veteran was 1-0 with a 0.69 ERA in two starts heading into Wednesday's game against the New York Mets. This team is going to be in trouble for years to come and I see them ending up in third place in a division that is always won by the Cardinals year after year.

Baltimore Orioles
The problems keep mounting for the Orioles. They just got swept by the Mariners and are off to the worst start in many years. The Orioles dropped to 2-14 after the Seattle Mariners completed a three-game sweep of Baltimore on Wednesday night. It's the worst start for the franchise since setting a major league record dropping their first 21 games in 1988. They are last in the American League in runs scored and on-base percentage, 11th in ERA and 12th in batting average. The Orioles have scored just three runs with nine hits in their first two games in Seattle and are hitting .150 with runners in scoring position. Injuries aren't helping, either. Second baseman Brian Roberts, outfielder Felix Pie and left-handed pitcher Michael Gonzalez are all on the disabled list. Miguel Tejada was out of the starting lineup for a fourth straight game with a sore hamstring on Wednesday night. Pie was transferred to the 60-day DL on Wednesday. But the problem doesn't come from injuries. It comes form basic skills of fielding and batting according the Manager Trembley. He held a closed door meeting yesterday and from what I read he really ripped the players apart.

Cleveland Indians
With a 7-4 victory yesterday over the Chicago White Sox the Tribe is now 6-6 for the 2010 season. This isn't great but it is a lot better than the 2-6 start about a week ago.
In the first 12 games their offense has just 85 hits in 388 at bats and have scored just 45 runs. I don't think many of us thought they would struggle as much as they have. Some of the hitting stats for some of the players are down right embarrassing. This is what I mean:
Jhonny Peralta- 5-37 .135 doubles-2, HR-1, RBI-4
Matt LaPorta- 8-37 .216 Doubles-2, HR-0, RBI-1
Michael Brantley- 5-32 .156 Doubles-1, HR-0, RBI-3
Lou Marson- 2-22 .091 Doubles-0, HR-0, RBI-0
Luis Valbuena- 6-32 .188 Doubles-0, HR-2, RBI-6
Travis Hafner- 9-39 .231 Doubles-1, HR-1, RBI-3
Grady Sizemore- 9-39 .231 Doubles-3, Triples-2, HR-0, RBI-5
Mike Redmond- 3-18 .167 Doubles-1, HR-0, RBI-1
Asdrubal Cabrera- 14-51 .275 Doubles-2, HR-1, RBI-3
Shin Soo Choo- 14-40 .350 Doubles-3, HR-4, RBI-12
Austin Kearns- 6-18 .333 Doubles-2, HR-0, RBI-1
Andy Marte- 1-8 .125 Doubles-0, HR-0, RBI-1
Mark Grudzielanek- 3-15 .200 Doubles-0, HR-0, RBI-2
Besides Choo and Cabrera the offense isn't doing very much at all. Shin Soo Choo has also walked 11 times and has 3 stolen bases. Strikeouts are also a little high with Sizemore with 12, Hafner with 11, Choo with 10, Peralta, Brantley, Cabrera, and Valbuena all have 9, and Matt LaPorta has 8.


GM-Carson said...

If Lidge comes back and is able to pitch somewhat like 2008 and Romero also has a healthy return, then I think the Phils bullpen will drastically improve. Madson can go back to setup, which is what he is best suited for, and Baez can be put in less stressful situations.

Utility Derek said...

the problem that I have is that three of the starters...halladay, kendrick and hamels (on occasion) are having quality starts and then the bullpen comes in a blows it. It should not work like that. The restructuring of the bullpen needs to happen quickly. Dubbee needs to get organization together before lidge comes back. and for one...lidge will not be the same person like he was in 2008. He might be 21 saves at best.

GM-Carson said...

I'm not asking for 2008, that's unrealistic. But he sure as hell better be better than 2009.