Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Battle of Bad: O's & Stros

Who's the baddest team in the land? Kansas City Royals? No, Jose Guillen and his blot clots are bursting with power. Washington Nationals? Nah, they have an 8 million dollar utility infielder...that's just superfluous. Baltimore Orioles? Yes. Houston Astros? Double yes.

Those hard to find black and orange birds are off to a 1-10 start. Not far behind in the futility race is the Asshats Asstros Astros at 1-9. Lets compare the level of shittiness, shall we...

Run Differential- O's (-28), Stros (-31)
Batting Average- O's .227, Stros .217
OPS- O's .684, Stros .525
BB:K- O's 33:73, Stros 8:64
Homeruns- O's 7, Stros 2
ERA- O's 4.76, Stros 5.07
WHIP- O's 1.43, Stros 1.59

Seems that the only thing keeping Houston from sucking more than Baltimore is the fact that they've played 1 fewer game. This will be an interesting battle to follow all season long, so stay tuned for updates.

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