Friday, April 16, 2010

Baseball Buffet: Zambrano, Adams, Santos, and Dos Rodriguez

Zapped Zambrano:
At 4-5 Chicago Cubs fans aren't exactly pleased. Add in the fact that their "ace" Carlos Zambrano is sporting a grotesque 9.45 ERA and 2.03 WHIP in 3 starts with 3 errors and 3 wild pitches and you have a bunch of groans from the Cubbie faithful. Really, how the hell does a pitcher lead the Majors in errors?

A-bombed Adams:
Last year San Diego Padre Mike Adams had one of the best seasons for a reliever, that went relatively unnoticed (0.73 ERA). Well, just yesterday he gave up as many earned runs (3) in 1 inning as he did all last season in 37 innings.

Super Santos:
The 26 year old righthanded rookie reliever Sergio Santos of the Chicago White Sox is off to a nice start in his MLB career- 4 games, 4 ip, 7 k, 0.00 ERA. What's so super about him though? He was a shortstop in the minors for 7 seasons before switching to pitching last year with horrible results (8.16 ERA in 26 minor league games), yet here he is dominating MLB batters. That's super!

Dos Rodriguez?
Francisco Rodriguez is the closer for the New York Mets, he hasn't pitched for the Los Angeles Angels since 2008. So why the hell was he listed in the Angels box score last night? Well, there's another Francisco Rodriguez in town. Dos hombres.

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