Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Phillies Stuph

The beard, the myth, the legend has gone by the wayside for what appears to be a funky looking goatee. Yep, Jayson Werth shaved his awesome facial growth and went with a more refined look...well sorta.


Boo, bring back the beard!!!

Meanwhile, Doc Halladay is gracing the latest cover of Sports Illstrated. I'm not queer, but damn that's sexy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Smoakin' Prospect

Unfortunately, he will not be starting for the Rangers this year, because he would be fun as hell to watch. But keep your eyes on Justin Smoak, as he is sure to be a solid fixture in baseball's future. Smoak can hit from both sides of the plate with impressive strength and consistency. Covering first base, he is also a force to be reckoned with, earning a .992 fielding percentage in his last two seasons in the minors. Had he been on any other team, Smoak would more than likely have landed himself a starting position, but as it is the franchise has decided to send Smoak and two other players (Mitch Moreland, OF and Chad S. Tracy, INF) back to the minors for a bit more conditioning.

While attending the University of South Carolina, Smoak lead the school in home runs, rbi's, and walks. He never hit below .300, including a .385 during his junior year. He was drafted out of school as a first round draft pick for the Rangers in 2008. In his two seasons with various minor league teams, he has earned a solid .292 batting average. Last year, he was named the IBAF World Cup MVP, after helping Team USA attain gold medal status with 9 home runs and 22 rbi in 55 at bats. For his outstanding performance, he was also named to the World Cup All-Tournament Team. This past December, Smoak was also honored as the IBF Player of the Year in the 'Senior Athlete' category. His perfomance on the field and at the plate is often compared to Mark Teixeira or Chipper Jones. Currently, the 23 year old will be heading back to the Oklahoma City Redhawks, with the hopes of a 2011 debut.

Smokin' Aces 2 Movie Trailer

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Give Gaudin a Chance

Chad Gaudin was placed on waivers by the New York Yankees earlier this week. The defending World Series champions have many pitchers at their disposal, so it's not a huge surprise Gaudin was a roster casualty. The recently turned 27 year old righty isn't exactly Cy Young or even Chris Young for that matter. However, he's posted a mediocre 4.50 ERA and 1.52 WHIP over 7 MLB seasons and is coming off a year in which he pitched 147.1 innings with nearly a strikeout per inning (139 k's). That's good enough to be a #4/#5 starter of a lot of teams. If I were the GM of the Royals, Pirates, Astros, or any other rebuilding club I'd sign him and hope he pitches well enough to flip him for a prospect come Trade Deadline time. I'm a Phillies fan, and their GM Ruben Amaro Jr. has expressed interest in adding pitching depth, but apparently Gaudin doesn't fit their criteria. Not sure why, but I'm sure another club will swoop in and snatch him up.

Bionic Jive- What Cha Trippin' On? (Pump)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today in History: March 27

With Opening Day a week away, baseball fans are chomping at the bit to get the season started. Sometimes, though, it is good to pause and reflect on baseball's past. Even during spring training significant, future-altering events can occur. The following is a short list of important events that helped to shape baseball as we know it today.

1938 - Future Hall of Famer Luke Appling (SS, Chicago White Sox) was forced to sit out most of the 1938 season after a bad slide during an exhibition game against the Cubs resulted in a broken leg. He managed to play in 81 games that season, and in 294 at bats, was able to earn a .303 batting average.

1973 - The career of two-time Cy Young Award winner, and former MVP Denny McLain comes to an end after being released by the Braves. McLain joined the MLB in 1963 as a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. By 1970, he was named as an All Star, had helped the Tigers to their first World Series victory since 1945, and was a back-to-back Cy Young winner in 1968 and 1969. But young McLain was arrogant, brash, and involved with illegal bookmaking, which at the start of the 1970 season resulted in a 3 month suspension from commissioner Bowie Kuhn. In September of that year, Kuhn dismissed him for the rest of the season for illegal gun possession. The Tigers had enough, and traded McLain to the Senators for the 1971 season, where he lost 22 games; the league's highest that season. After a brief stint with Oakland, McLain was traded to the Braves, but he still couldn't keep his act together. By 1973 he was overweight, his pitching was sub-par, and his attitude was rotten. He was released from the team with no fanfare or love lost. Denny McLain was only 28 years old.

1986 - The position of the designated hitter is extended for postseason and All Star play in American Leagues parks.

1989 - Pete Rose's history of gambling is revealed in the infamous Sports Illustrated article that ruined any chance of the slugger's entry into the Hall of Fame. This revelation resulted in a life-long ban from baseball, and more than 15 years of retractions, lies, and admissions of truth from the former king of swing. *Note: The cover of the March 27, 1989 issue featured tennis great, Stefi Graf.

Linkin Park - What I've Done

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Mouth of Ozzie

It seems that Ozzie Guillen and Twitter were a match made in heaven (or hell if you're my GM, Kenny Williams). Check out this latest tweet:

Nice, he writes exactly as he speaks.

Not bad for being the most outspoken (and foul mouthed) manager in baseball!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Change of Address

This year the Twins finally come out to fresh air, 40 degree weather in mid-July, smell of fresh flowers and possibility of rain or snow in June. The Twins finally got a new home, Target Field. First off the name itself, Target Field, is so blah. I mean come on. Recently all the new stadiums are being given names based on who paid for the rights. Target Field will be the 18th replacement stadium for a major league team. First starting with the Orioles 20 years ago. Personally I still find Camden Yards to be one hell of a place to see a game, eat your face off, and get shitty. Target Field will have food galore. The ballpark's food options will include pork chops on a stick, walleye on a stick, cheese curds, and wild rice soup. One of the most unique features at Target Field is the homerun, celebration feature. Located in centerfield, this large feature, is the Twins original "Shaking Hands" logo from 1961-1981. It features Twins characters, Minnie and Paul that light up when a Twins player hits a homerun. They will also have a light train rail run under the stadium to provide shuttle to the game. However, last stop of the night at the stadium is at 8:15pm. Do the math. The only down side of the stadium, which is pretty crappy in designing it is that Target Field features multiple "Knotholes" along the 5th Street side of the ballpark, allowing fans to watch the action from outside the park without buying a ticket. Some other negatives of the stadium include no Hi-Def big screen out in the outfield, from reading there are still difficulties arising from drainage problems on the field, and finally the address will be 1 Twins Way. No Kirby Puckett Way, or Mauer Midway, or Viola Lane. When you have great players of your time you need to pay tribute to them in some sort of way. Those people filled the stands, paid the salaries and put clothes on the executives back. I hope when opening day comes that I see Frank Viola throwing out the first pitch, cane and all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Poor Joe Beimel

Joe Beimel had to settle for a minor league contract with the Colorado Rockies. The lefty has a lifetime ERA of 4.23, but that's inflated due to his first 3 years in Pittsburgh (5.00 ERA). Over the past 4 seasons Beimel has posted ERA's of 2.96, 3.88, 2.02, and 3.58, while also proving to be durable (287 games in same span). So why only a minor league offer? Greed. He was holding out for a contract similar to what he had last year with Washington (1 yr $2M), but in this deflated market for league average relief pitchers that's not really the going rate. So much like Johnny Damon overplaying his worth and holding out for a bigger contract to get slapped in the face and having to settle with a low-ball offer, Beimel does now too. He'll likely make the Rox roster because of Huston Street's injury, but my guess is that he had contract offers out there far more lucrative than the one he just inked yesterday.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Phillies + Blogs + March Madness = Awesome!

The Phield is holding a March Madness tournament to decide the top Phillies blog. We Should Be GMs received a 5 seed and is pitted against I Want To Go To The Zoo With Roy Halladay in the Salisbury region. Voting will be held today from 8 AM to 8 PM, with results announced at 10 PM tonight. Click link here to vote, we appreciate your support.

From the Phield:
There’s something to be said for longevity. We Should Be GMs began years ago as a joint venture for Phillies and Pirates fans, hoping to unearth all the funny out of both teams in Pennsylvania. Soon they realized the Pirates weren’t actually a team, so the focus became all Phillies, a smart move. WSBGMs keeps hilarious regularly with frequent posts, off-centered features like “Name That Phillie” and “Phlashback Phridays” and pretty awesome photos. Their Hall of Fame includes Pat Burrell and Eric Bruntlett; they even coined a statistic: The Howard (a home run, strikeout and error in the same game). Crude and revolutionary, We Should Be GMs still has it.

Authors: GM-Carson & Corey
Profession: Avid Phillies Bloggers & Wannabe GMs
Experience: About to turn 4 years old and enter 5th season
1. Phillies Phlashback Phridays (Ex- Ricky Williams)
2. Campaign Cheer
3. Nicknames: No-Hit Nunez, Gas Can Geary, Grand Pappy Moyer, Donut Eater Lieber, Fence Face Rowand, and you can't forget No Talent Ass Clown aka Danny Sandoval.
4. The Howard
5. Tale of the Tape Series (Ex- St. Louis)
6. Star Wars Parody (Ex- Phillies Wars Episode I)
7. Jib-Jab Videos (Ex- Snowball Phight)
8. Song Parodies (Ex- Bohemian Manuel)
9. Spearheaded banishment of Eaton, Nunez, Bell, Bruntlett, and Barajas (Ex- Angry Blogger Arrested)
10. Creation of the Phucco (Phillie + Bucco)

We're the original funny men of the Phlogsphere. However, them crazy sons a bitches over at The Fightins have kinda stolen some our laugh track thunder (they're our homies, it's cool if we call their moms names), but we remain original and true to form. What is our form- satire, sarcasm, and rants mixed with extreme bouts of joy. So go vote for us or we'll photoshop a picture of you doing questionable things with a donkey.

*This post is from my other blog WSBGMs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hotheaded in Seattle

The Seattle Mariners have never really held a reputation for being fiery and ornery, but this spring they're flipping the script. New in 2010 for the M's will be Cliff Lee and Milton Bradley and each have earned a spring training ejection...not exactly the easiest of tasks. We all know of MB's exploits, simply put, he's a bitch. But the Lee one has me scratching my head. He's been suspended 5 games to start the season for throwing inside then near the head of the same batter in the same at-bat. Ken Griffey Jr. needs to reign these guys in before it starts percolating hotter than some Starbucks up in that clubhouse.

Meredith Brooks- Bitch

Friday, March 19, 2010

Memo to Washington- Just Say No!

What the hell was Ron Washington thinking? Cocaine? Seriously? Partaking in some herbal ecstasy (aka- weed) is understandable, many Americans experiment with the drug in their early years, but co-f*cking-caine...idiot! The Texas Rangers manager said he only sorted the baseline once last season, but you know that's a lie. Back in his playing days he took amphetamines and smoked pot, but he's turned to the nose candy now that he's the leader of young men. Makes so much sense doesn't it. Despite all of this, the Texas organization is keeping him aboard for the 2010 season, but has issued a warning that no more slip-ups will be permitted. Don't worry Ron, maybe you can get some of those designer drugs that lab rats are creating that go undetected to get your high. Dumbass!

Gotta admit, dude does look like a crackhead now that the cats outta the bag.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Los altavoces espaƱoles van al infierno

according to MLB.com:
"The Padres have employed Miley to teach front-office staff, Minor League coaches and roving instructors, trainers and anyone else who shows up to Spanish instruction aimed toward narrowing the language barrier between player and staff.
It's a program Randy Smith, the Padres' director of player development, and who has a front row seat twice a week for class, has instituted. Smith has enlisted Miley, who is a foreign language instructor at nearby Glendale Community College, to teach."
From what I also understand, players are staying after practice for two hours twice a week to take lesson on Spanish verbs and other common words associated to baseball. The majority of the classes are geared towards people in the front office and for traveling personnel to be able to talk to other scouts regarding players of interest.
I recall taking Spanish in High School and in College. I don't remember squat! Just because San Diego is close to the border doesn't mean you have to act on it. Bad enough we have players in the majors with 15-20 letters in their last name, all sorts of marks and hyphens and recently now we have ESPN Deportes. Whats next....closed caption at the stadium for bilingual people. The baseball word is branching out too much too fast. It is America's sport and we should keep it that way. If we keep this up we will soon be batting with chopsticks.
And the title means Spanish speakers go to hell.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Today is St. Patrick's Day-a day reknown for green beer, corned beef and cabbage, the Dropkick Murphys, The Boondock Saints, leprauchans, a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, those ever-present lucky charms, shamrocks and 4-leaf clovers, parades (not to mention dying the Chicago River green-an annual tradition in my home city), and green jerseys.

Baseball kicked off everyone's favorite Irish holiday by bringing out the famous green jerseys. Here's a slideshow of various teams' in their St. Patrick's day attire.

I hope you all had a happy St. Patrick's Day, and didn't get sloshed on too much green beer or have acid indigestion from all that corned beef and cabbage.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Dugout: Chicago Cubs Spring Training 2010 -- Back Porch FanHouse

Here's a site we havent heard from in a while!

The Dugout: Chicago Cubs Spring Training 2010 -- Back Porch FanHouse

Yeah, I know, it's about the Slubs, but I liked it this week. Plus, our favorite shit-on-a-stick, Milton Bradley makes a guest appearance, even though he's in Seattle.

Have a nice weekend!

Winless in Washington

Zero wins, nine losses. If that were the regular season nobody would bat an eye at the record of the Washington Nations because they've become synonymous with suck. However, it's spring training and even the lowest of the low are supposed to be able to win a damn game. Not the Nats. They've scored 45 runs while allowing 90. That's double the amount of runs they've scored and at a clip of 10 runs a game allowed (-45 run differential). Just sad. At least we know the W on their cap does not stand for win.

Reeding iz 4 tha Dum:
*Thunder Treats is holding their own kinda March Madness. That's right, screw NCAA basketball, bring on the 40+ year old cougars (Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Heather Graham, and Catherine Bell).

*Rumors & Rants wonders in Colts backup QB Jim Sorgi is in to man(ning).

*UsTailgate has video of why jumping out of a window on to a trampoline is f'n retarded.

*Bootlegger Sports has story on Angels outfielder Torri Hunter's supposed colorblindness.

*We Should Be GMs thinks the battle for the 5th spot in the Phillies rotation might come down to a matter of money.

Eminem- Lose Yourself

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mets Prepare for 2010 Season

The Mets were poised to be World Series contenders last season, but a rash of unforseen injuries took them out of contention. This year, Mets owners and management vowed that last season's mishaps will not occur again and have taken some fairly dramatic steps to ensure the safety of their players.

Center Field Emergency Room

A Specialized Team of Doctors for Each Player

New Mets Song

Grateful Dead - Touch Of Grey
Uploaded by hushhush112. - Watch more music videos, in HD!

Friday, March 12, 2010

What number am I thinking of?????

Complete this math formula to figure out what number I am thinking of....
The number of homeruns Doug Glanville had in his career including postseason play minus the number of ejections Charlie Manuel has had since 2004 through june 2009 plus the most homeruns Fred McGriff ever had in one season minus the league leading number of times a NL player got hit by a pitch in 1993 minus the number of runs Adrian Beltre scored in 2001. What is my number?????

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nomar Retire, Hunter a Liar, Giants on Fire

On Wednesday Nomar retired from baseball. He signed a one day minor league contract with the Red Sox just to retire with with a "B" on his head. He also then got to throw out the first pitch of the Red Sox's game to Jason Veritek. Nomar said that was a very humbling experience due to the fact that they both went to Georgia Tech together and played together for so many years with the Red Soxs. Now that he has retired, where does this rank him all time at the shortstop position???? Derek Jeter once said years back that Nomar was the best shortstop ever. This was before he was traded around to so many teams that Topps decided to stop producing his trading card in fear that they would get the wrong team jersey on the card. Nomar had a great fielding percentage, .975% for his career, and is most noted for his rookie year where he set the bar for his career. Personally I don't even see him in the top five all-time. I think he will be a third ballot Hall of Famer.

In other news, Torii Hunter is now going back on his "chosen" word used to describe Latino players in the major leagues. Torii explained that "What I meant was they're not black players; they're Latin American players. There is a difference culturally. But on the field, we're all brothers, no matter where we come from, and that's something I've always taken pride in: treating everybody the same, whether he's a superstar or a young kid breaking into the game. Where he was born and raised makes no difference." You called them impostors and you meant it. That's like me saying that Torii Hunter is a joke and then going back and saying "what I meant was that Hunter is a joke because he is a comedian on the field." No, what I mean is that your a f*cking joke. You and Mike Cameron should marry each other and form your own KKK. You both have racial issues and I am surprised that the MLB allows it. Whats next, your going to do a Taco Bell commercial to make up for your remarks. Stick with KFC doche.

Finally, so yesterday I was browsing through the sports section of the local newspaper and noticed how good the Giants are doing this year in spring training. Then I dug deeper into their roster and pitching rotation and I must agree that quite possibly the Giants could be the team to make it to the NL championship series this year to face the Phillies. This team has been under the radar for several years since all the talk is about the Cardinals, Phillies, Mets or Dodgers but mark my word, Giants vs. Phillies NL Championship.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Flings

Strasburg Sizzles:
The most ballyhooed prospect in baseball, Stephen Strasburg, made his Grapefruit League debut yesterday in Florida. The SS Minnow went 2 scoreless innings and gives Washington Nationals fans something to look forward to in 2010.

Hot Halladay:
National League Cy Young favorite Roy Halladay is making a strong first impression in Phillies pinstripes. Through 5 spring innings he's yet to allow a run and has struck out 8 batters. If he's healthy and goes 33-34 starts, is it possible to win 25 games?

Nothing Nathan:
Nothing is exactly what the Minnesota Twins may be getting from their star closer Joe Nathan this season. Nathan has long been one of the top relievers in baseball and has been durable his entire career, but now that appears to be coming to an end as he likely faces season-ending surgery on his elbow.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ali Shakes & Wang Long Tosses

Muhammad Ali stopped by the San Diego Padres spring training facility to meet the players. Many of the Pads were thrilled to get their photo taken with the boxing legend. Ali also took time to shake hands with many of them. My question is- did he really shake their hands, or did he merely just shake about as he normally does while players gripped his hand and thought he was extending a friendly gesture? I know, I know, I'm a bastard for poking fun at Ali. I better watch out, or he might take a shaky swing at me...good thing I'll have about 3 minutes to dodge it.

Chien-Ming Wang is coming off of injury/surgery, but hopes to build up arm strength in a hurry to help Washington climb out of the NL East basement this season. Do I really care about the Nationals? No, I just find if funny that the word "wang" is used in a headline and that the "wang" is doing "long toss". What can I say, sophomoric humor still amuses me.

*Thanks goes out to ESPN.com's Spring Blog for this info.

Lil Wayne ft. Eminem- Drop the World

Monday, March 08, 2010

Spring Training For The Fans

While the boys of summer are enduring rigorous training and practice games, the rest of us are gearing up for Fantasy drafts and a baseball season full of nachos and beer. So what do we, as baseball fans, need to do in order to prepare for the upcoming season? I have a couple of suggestions for a regimen of workouts that will, over the next 28 days, acclimate our atrophied bodies and minds back to where they were at the close of the 2009 season.

Exercise 1: Recliner Squat
With all the snow that has dominated the Midwest and Eastern Seaboard over the past two months, no doubt your arms, neck, and back have suffered a great deal of stress due to intense shovelling. The first workout is designed to reverse the harmful effects this trauma may have had by relaxing those damaged triceps, biceps, quads, and glutes.
***Step One: Before beginning this exercises, it is necessary that you are wearing proper clothing. Sweatpants, loose fitting jeans, and boxers are appropriate, as are tank tops, T-shirts, and flannel shirts. Ball caps are optional.
***Step Two: Go to the room in your house where there is a large, preferably flat, screen television. Face the TV, while standing in front of your recliner. Please note, that if you do not have a recliner, a rocking chair, couch, or love seat will do.
***Step Three: Once in proper position, bend your knees, while keeping your back upright (not necessarily straight). Keep bending your knees until your backside hits the chair. Note: This exercise can be modified by holding a plate stacked precariously high with chips or nachos, while carrying a beer or two.
***Step Four: Move backwards until your back is firmly against the back of the chair and relax. If the option is available, pull down on the footstool release and prop up your feet. A dog, coffee table, Ottoman, stool, or stack of magazines can also be used as a suitable substitute. When it is getting up is necessary, use the following procedure:

Exercise 2: Refrigerator/Kitchen/Bathroom Dash
Every good exercise routine must include cardio. During commercial intervals, as the beer is getting empty, or the bladder is getting full, quickly remove yourself from the ending position from the first exercise. Run, jog, or walk to the desired location allowing yourself enough time to perform necessary actions, and return to the recliner. Note: Ambling, loping, and moseying is not advisable, as you may miss a portion of the broadcast.

Exercise 3: Beer Curl
Staying hydrated is critical while exercising. This activity is designed to keep you hydrated while working the often neglected wrist, elbow, and forearm.
***Step One: Procure a nearby alcoholic beverage (acquired either from Refrigerator Dash, or from a nearby cooler). Grasp beer bottle/can firmly in one hand.
***Step Two: Slowly raise the bottle/can to approximately mid-torso level.
***Step Three: Using the other hand, remove lid, or pop the top.
***Step Four: Raise beer to lips and tip forward.
***Step Five: Slowly lower arm, and rest beer on the arm of the chair or knee.
Repeat as many times as desired.

Maximum Number of Reps: Repetition of this workout routine should be done sparingly. Repeat only if there is a need for more chips, beer, or trips to the restroom. Remember to stretch during seventh inning to prevent injury, especially during double headers.

Suggested Group Activities:
Beer Toss Relay, Cooler Lift & Carry (for maximum results, store cooler and/or beer in basement), Live Action Replay, Ball Cap Keep Away, Remote Control Rugby, and the classic Beer Run

Richard Simmons Walks it Out

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Yanks' Cervelli Gets Knocked the F' Out

New York Yankees backup catcher Francisco Cervelli was plunked on the noggin yesterday by an errant Toronto Blue Jays Zech Zinicola pitch. Cervelli was able to leave the field under his own pair of legs and the precautionary CT scan at the hospital came back normal.
"I feel good. Just a little scared. Everything is OK. Rest for a couple days and be back. I'm dizzy a little bit, a headache."

This is the second time Cervelli has been knocked the f' out during a spring training game (sustained broken hand in 2008 during a collision at the plate). It does not appear he'll miss much time, which is a sigh of relief for Yankees fans. If they'd have lost Cervelli for any amount of time they might be forced to trade for Joe Mauer or Brian McCann...this is the Yankees after all.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Brad Penny Not Worth a Cent

The St. Louis Cardinals seem to be a smart franchise. They've been in contention in the National League Central for the past decade and have built themselves a solid pitching staff from other teams' scraps (Ryan Franklin, Chris Carpenter, Adam Wainwright). But then they go and sign Brad Penny for 1 year and $7.5 million. Seriously? Dude had an ERA/WHIP of 6.27/1.63 in '08 and 4.88/1.40 last season. I just don't get it. I'm not saying Penny is horrible, but it just doesn't make sense to sign him for that many cents. Hahaha, get it? Penny...cents, I'm so f'n clever!

Penny allowed 6 hits over 2 innings of work yesterday leading to 3 runs. It's spring, so nobody really gives two squirts of piss. However, I think Red Bird fans can expect to see more shitastic outings like this for the 2010 campaign. And besides, look, the douche wears Affliction gear.

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*We Should Be GMs is a fan of Jayson Werth's beard.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Fight to the Finish

Now that Spring Training's officially underway, I thought I'd post this little cartoon in honor of the event.

All the staffs' team mascots are featured in this cartoon {l-r: Homer (Atlanta), Phanatic (Philadelphia), Mr. Met (New York), and Southpaw (Chicago)}, fighting each other (literally) on the road to the World Series (hope you can see it in the background).

Artwork courtesy of yours truly.

Have a good weekend!

Corey Hart OK with Fuzzy Balls

After his breakout season of 2007 (24 hr/23 sb, .892 OPS), Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Corey Hart has saw his production decline in the past two seasons. This left him wondering...what's going on? Well, turns out Hart is nearsighted.
"It kind of started last year, but I didn't really think about it. I just kept playing. The ball was a little fuzzy at times, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal."

Hart plans on going the Chris Sabo route of correcting his vision, rather than wearing eyeglasses or contacts. That's right, the man who saw fuzzy balls is going to the ultra-cool sports goggles. Now that's quite the fashion statement.
"I'm hoping they work for me," he said, according to the report. I don't want to have any trouble picking the ball up. Right now, it's a little fuzzy."

I'm baffled he didn't decide to go with prescription sunglasses...that way he could wear them at night.

Corey Hart- Sunglasses at Night (Parody Video)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Thursday's Quick Hits

So yesterday brought the official start of spring training. Below is a recap of yesterday's games and a preview of today's:

So the Phillies decide to send Aumont to the mound last night against Florida St., what a disaster this was. He allowed two hits, five runs, three walks, one home run and one wild pitch in just two-thirds of an inning. Supposedly Charlie wants to make him a starter rather than a reliever. That is a big mistake. Also, Dubee says that he showed great performance and that he is still working on his mechanics. I am not buying that excuse. Finally, Aumont blames his outting on his expecations of being a big name person for the Phillies just because he was involved in the Lee deal. The only way to make a name for yourself is perform well. By looking at his line from last night, against a college team, he needs to be in Reading until at least June and then the Phillies should decide what to do with him.

Today the Phillies play the Yankees, with CC going against Halladay. Anyone see this rematch again come October??? I do. I see Halladay going two innings, giving up one run, striking out two and walking one. I see the Phillies winning 7-4. Howard going deep and Rollins having a double.

So yesterday the stumbling Red Sox from last year decided to open their spring training against Northeastern Huskies. Team only had two hits. Does that mean the Red Sox are that good or that Northeastern is that bad. One high note is that Big Poppi had a homerun. Could be more things to come this year....hopefully (dude shit the bed last year for me in fantasy baseball).

So yesterday congress in Missouri have decided to part ways with Mark McGwire Highway and bring the road back to it original name, Mark Twain Highway. I agree with the notion to return to its roots and bring back the name that it was from the beginning but what do they do with that former sign. My suggestion would be to rename a drunken alley where hookers work Mark McGwire Street. This way if out of staters are looking for drugs and steriods all they have to do is look for the name and travel in that direction.

The Arizona Diamondbacks decided to make a move and keep their prospect in their possession for the next six years. The Diamondbacks agreed to a contract with Upton for 51+ million over six years. Upton has put up stellar numbers in his first two years and that is good enough for the Diamondbacks to shove all that money his way. I would have made it a three year deal in the area of 27 million. That way if he starts to slump and not produce, you're not tied up with all that money.