Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Exactly is Ed Wade?

The Houston Astros extended GM Ed Wade through 2012. Guess they expect to stay mediocre, because that's the definition of what Wade has done there so far (166-166 in 2 seasons). Maybe by the end of his tenure there he'll have fielded a team exclusively composted of ex-Phillies has-beens.

So does Ed Wade resemble more of a nutsack or Dana Carvey depicted as a turtle?


*This past Wednesday pitchers and catchers started reporting to Arizona and Florida, Bootlegger Sports has photo of a good looking catcher (no, not Mike Piazza) to kick off spring training.

*Charlie Manuel enjoys massaging his nether regions while watching Roy Halladay pitch.

*Not sure when Terrell Owens grew white boy hair and became a fashion model, but somewhere along the line he did.


GM-Carson said...

I know the new header is still a little weak, but it was time for a change. said...


Burton said...

I think Wade still looks like a nutsack.