Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow, Baseball

While the Northeast Coast of America gets dumped on with mass amounts of snow, I figured I'd post some pictures of baseball taking place in the white fluffy stuff. So grab a hot chocolate, nestle up to the computer monitor and enjoy. It's not like you're going anywhere today anyway...unless you live in Arizona...and in that case- you bastard!

Hope You're Not Illiterate:
*USTailgate takes a look at what's going on around the NFL, you know besides the Super Bowl.

*Did Florida Gator goldenboy Tim Tebow try out for American Idol, Thunder Treats thinks so.

*West Virginia University basketball fans are the best, or the worst, I'm not sure. Thanks to Bootlegger Sports for the commentary and video.

*No Guts, No Glory has story of a 7th grader committing to USC...WTF?!

*We Should Be GMs elects Eric Bruntlett into their Hall of Fame.

Jay-Z: D.O.A.


GM-Carson said...

Holy balls we got a buttload of snow!

tamtam said...


You're up to your nose in snow, while I'm toasting in the sun.

AZ is awesome!! Come and visit me out here-you'll never want to go back to PA ever again!