Monday, February 22, 2010

Public Service Announcement

We at More Hardball enjoy a tasty brew every now and then (with the exception of Tam, who is currently underage and we respect that). We even like to tell you the beers we have enjoyed most. Sometimes we even have a bit too much, but being adults, we also know that drinking is a privilege, and with this comes responsibility. Speaking for myself and GM Carson, we plan ahead and WE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. There's no point to it, and certainly no excuse. I know this is old news, but things of this sort generally tend to get brushed aside and easily forgotten: last Wednesday, Joseph Genovese Jr. plead guilty to vehicular homicide after the 2008 incident that took the life of a Missouri school teacher, and seriously wounded another. Genovese was intoxicated, ran a red light, and struck the two women as they were leaving a Phillies-Cardinals game outside of Citizens Bank Park. He will face up to 13 1/2 to 27 years in prison. At the time of the event, Genovese was 18. So what makes this something worthy of remembering?

First and foremost, this was not an accident, it was murder. Any time a person CHOOSES to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated, that person is willfully placing the lives of others at risk. It would be the same if I loaded a gun and fired it into a shopping center - I didn't mean to kill anyone, they just got in the way of my bullets. The fact of the matter is, people die when the decision is made to behave irresponsibly. My family suffered the deaths of two members when a 26-year old, who had DUI records stretching back 10 years, killed my uncle and cousin. This was in July of 1999, and while we have moved on, we have never recovered. The drunk bastard also lost his life.

This leads me to my second point: very few things in this world are worth your life. By all means, have fun! Enjoy watching a game with your buds, and toss back a few. Hell, get plastered. But plan ahead. No one thinks you're cool if you get into your car bombed out of your head, and no one will find you awesome wrapped around a tree. If you are the kind of person who thinks someone is bad ass for successfully driving home drunk, then may I direct you to the nearest microwave so I can nuke your head in it. While the shit-blister in the story survived this incident, his life is forever altered by the consequences. He used to brag to his friends about driving drunk and speeding all the time; I hope he finds ass-drilling in prison just as thrilling and fulfilling.

Finally, if the above reasons are not enough to warrant a change in behavior, consider this: Would you want someone you care about on the road with your drunk ass? Would you really let a friend drive drunk if you knew your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, brother, father, best friend, favorite prostitute, etc. could also be on the road? Are you really the kind of person who truly doesn't give a shit about other people, including yourself? Be a man, call a cab, call another friend, sleep naked in a flowerpot and laugh about it in the morning, anything, as long as you do not drive -or allow a friend to drive- under the influence.

*****If you think you or a friend has a problem with alcohol abuse, please call 1-800-390-4056 for the The National Alcohol and Substance Abuse Drug Addiction Help and Information Center, or visit thier site here.
*****For more information on the effects of drunk driving visit M.A.D.D.


GM-Carson said...

"I hope he finds ass-drilling in prison just as thrilling and fulfilling."

That line should go down in More Hardball's Hall of Fame.

Burton said...


Lynn said...

Amen. To both the post and the thrilling and fulfilling line being Hall of Fame-worthy.

tamtam said...

Since I can't legally drink, you can always count on me to be the designated driver!

GM-Carson said...

My wife doesn't drink, so I'm usually good to go in that regard.

Burton said...

Thanks Lynn!

Suncadia Dad said...

Great post. Drink & driving is not to be taken lightly.