Saturday, February 27, 2010

Must Watch Videos

Please take 7 minutes of your precious life here on Earth and watch the following 2 videos.

WWE wrestlers perform to Soulja Boy. Both by themselves are kinda lame, but!

I hate Anime, unless it's synchronized to LL Cool J's Momma Said Know You Out.

Givin' Back 2 Da Hood:
*Major League Jerk has scoop on the Boston Red Sox new spring training field...Mini-Green Monster?

*Rumors & Rants has pitted Olympic ladies Vonn and Mancuso against each other.

*Sportress of Blogitude has evidence of Wii's Olympic curling being very sexually suggestive.

*Sharapova's Thigh gives some lovin' to Blake Lively...we'd all like to do the same.

*Bootlegger Sports updates you on ChiSox manager Ozzie Guillen and his Twitter account.

*We Should Be GMs joins in on the Jayson Werth scraggly hair and beard look.

*Gratitude to MLB Trade Rumors and Rob Neyer's Sweet Spot on for the links this week.

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