Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My beloved Philadelphia Phillies can't even see the playing surface at Citizens Bank Park due to being buried under about 83.7 feet of snow, yet next week they'll roll out all the gear in an 18-wheeler down to Florida to embark on Spring Training of 2010. As I gaze out the window and see nothing but white stuff (and no fatso, it ain't marshmallow), I too wish I could be heading to Clearwater to bask in the sun and watch my boys of summer shape themselves up for a third straight World Series appearance. As We Should Be GMs so eloquently put it, "it's just glorified stretching and conditioning", but it sure as hell beats throwing my back out shoveling the driveway. Think I muster up enough money to send myself on a getaway? I wish!

Tupac- Can U Getaway


Lynn said...

The truck is scheduled to leave Thursday the 11th. I'm betting it doesn't happen.

GM-Carson said...

F'n snow.