Friday, February 12, 2010

Countdown: Best Baseball Movie of All Time #2

Major League is impressive on three levels. First, the actors are brilliant (even those relegated to smaller roles). Second, the plot is mainly baseball action, baseball action and more baseball action. Third, it's hilarious and makes you feel good. I watch it almost every summer, and for a comedy to lend itself to repeated viewings is a rare thing indeed.
Plot Synopsis: Rachael Phelps, the ex-showgirl heiress to the Cleveland Indians Baseball franchise finds a loophole in the team's contract with the city saying that the team can leave the city if attendance is low enough. With her eyes set on moving the team to Miami, she proceeds to put together a team that is sure to lose. Of course, they win!
Simple and sweet, Major League is a well-balanced movie that will entertain both sports enthusiasts as well as people who don't even know the first thing about baseball. Lots of baseball action, one simple (but well-crafted) romantic subplot, and a cast of hilarious and fun-to-look-at characters make this one of the most engaging comedy movies of all time.

On another note, the screen presence of every actor and actress in this movie is phenomenal. Sheen, Beringer, Corbin, Rene Russo and Wesley Snipes all in the same movie acting at the top of thier game. Even those minor characters like Cerrano, Bob Ucker and the old veteran pitcher are acting thier hearts out here. It's literally an All-Star team of great actors!


GM-Carson said...

I agree with this being #2, but my #1 would be Sandlot.

Utility Derek said...

to each his own.