Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Countdown: Best Baseball Movie of All Time #3

"The Sandlot" is an excellent movie based on such topics as friendship, baseball in the old lot, and a crush on that beauty you always see. But what about it makes it so irresistable?
For one thing, it's pure fun. Scotty Smalls is new to the neighborhood, and as his stepfather leaves for a week on a business trip, Scotty loses his stepfather's priceless Babe Ruth-signed baseball, thinking it was just another baseball. Seeing him and all his new-found friends go completely over the top to retrieve the ball from the neighbor's giant beast of a dog is sure to prove a great time.
Not to give too much away, but there's another awesome scene at the city pool where Squints fakes drowning just to make out with his crush, Wendy the lifeguard! You must see the look on his face right before he does so!
At the end of the movie, when the plot is resolved and all is well, the movie catches up with modern times (as it is set in 1962). The older Scotty Smalls is the narrator and tells how each of his friends resulted in their careers and such. It may have been done before, but for me, it's a technique that never,ever gets old!
Aside the main plot, there are quite a few other situations the characters get themselves into, including the summer carnival and a sleepover in the treehouse (a scene which sports the immortal, "You're killing me, Smalls!" line, and a so-ridiculous-it's-awesome campfire tale of The Beast). In addition, there's a baseball game against a Little League team which returns to the baseball overview of the movie.
"The Sandlot", as previously mentioned, is an absolute joyride full of laughs, great, powerful, dramatic moments (especially in Benny's dream) and is a very nostalgic movie that will leave you feeling great, as a great movie should. A summer viewing essential.


GM-Carson said...

This is one of my favorite movies of all-time, not just baseball movies.

Amanda said...

The Sandlot should be 1. Its my favorite movie ever. For-ev--err.

Bob said...

It's a Nice movie...there are some other baseball movies that I got from this site
All movies are awesome and their videos too.

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Extended Warranty said...

This movie brings me back to my childhood!