Friday, February 05, 2010

Countdown: Best Baseball Movie of All Time #4

A League of their own is a terrific film. With plenty of laughs, and heart. It is a tale about two sisters who get to play in the women 's baseball team during WW2.
Penny Marshall does a good job with the action scenes, and the overrall light tone of the film. The real triumph of the movie is the perfect casting
Geena Davis plays all star catcher Dottie Henssion to perfection. She's very enjoyable and her chemistry with Hanks is unbelieveble.
Next Tom Hanks plays washed up player turned coach Jimmy Dugan. He's funny, and delivers the most famous line " there's no crying in baseball" wonderfully. Rosie O'donell plays the funny, talented player Dorris who's best friend is the infamous Mae played by Madona who does a good job in her usual typcast part.
The standout of the cast is Lori Petty who plays the tough,and fiesty Kit Keller Dottie's younger sister. She's plays the part with sas and spunk and deserves more credit for the performance then she seemed to get. Also the two sisters chemisrty is also great, which is pivital to the running of the film.


Collective Troll said...

GREAT MOVIE! My friend Marilyn Jones was a consultant for that film. She was a catcher and later a pitcher for several teams in the 40s.

Burton said...

That's really cool!