Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 World Series: Boston vs. Philadelphia

The Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies are going to the 2010 World Series. Not because they're two outstanding clubs, which they are, rather it's for reasons connected to tv land. Last week I reported on Survivor's Boston Rob and Stephenie Lagrossa's connection to the Beaneaters and the Phightins. On We Should Be GMs yesterday I supplied further evidence with former 3rd base coach of the Phillies, Steve Smith, appearance on the newest season of the Amazing Race. Watching the Winter Olympics this weekend, the first gold medalist for America, Hannah Kearney in Women's Moguls, wore a Jacoby Ellsbury BoSox t-shirt under her ski outfit during her winning trek downhill. How can you deny all those subtle hints? You can't, it's official, so go ahead and place your bets.

Bouncing Souls- I Think That the World (Live)