Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who am I????

I am a momma's boy and went to college where I was born. The state right above me drafted me, but I never played in the majors for them. You could say that my career was short and I sucked. I had a career winning percentage with the Phillies of .500. After leaving the Phillies I did good for one year and then sucked again. I got tired of it and no team wanted me. Currently I am a consultant for a baseball team in North Dakota. However, this team is not affiliated with any team in the majors. Who am I???


Anonymous said...

By the way, use Wifi blocker to jam all spy transmitters in your home or at work.

jimmy said...

jeff bittiger

GM-Carson said...

I went to school with him. Oh wait, that was some other Jeff. Actually, come to think of it he spelled his name Geoff.