Friday, January 29, 2010

Straight from the Tabloids

Here are two stories I found that sound like something ripped right from the tabloids of which I am quite fond of!

The first one involves a backup MLB catcher, his pitcher brother, an NBA player's wife, and a gropey grandpa. This sordid tale begins in Phoenix, Arizona when Gerald Laird, a 30-year old catcher recently aquired by the Detroit Tigers, his 22-year old brother Brandon-a prospect for the Yankees, and their 70-year old grandpa went to see the Suns play the Celtics in the US Airways Arena in downtown Phoenix. The trouble started in a suite above the court when Grandpa Laird allegedly groped Charlsie House, the wife of Celtics forward, Eddie House. It was then that a fight broke out and wound up with the Laird brothers getting arrested. To add to their assault charges, both of the brothers were allegedly intoxicated at the time of the brawl.

And what of Grandpa Laird, the man who allegedly started it all? Well, apparantly he wasn't charged with anything. Lucky bastard (in a bad way). You can read the full story here.

The second story is not so much tabloid material as much as it is a notable bitch-fight between two crappy pitchers. This 5.00+ ERA feud is set between Mike Bacsik and Tim Redding, two Nationals pitchers. Mike Bacsik is the guy who gave up Barry Bonds' 756th home run in 2007, and then was relegated to the minors where he's been ever since. Tim Redding is still on active duty with the Nationals organ-I-zation. Well, this little squabble began when Redding said the following quote:

"You know, I don't like to speak ill of people...Mike was a nice guy and a good teammate....but Mike wanted to give up that HR. I was charting pitches that night for my start the next day and it was super obvious that he wanted to give it up. Everything to Bonds was low 80's and center cut. I think Mike had some notion that if he gave it up, he could be part of history and make a few dollars out of it one day."

"I think Mike had some notion that if he gave it up, he could be part of history and make a few dollars out of it one day." Oohh, that's a kicker!

In response, Bacsik posted on his twitter page the following:

"If somebody would have asked me, what teammate will say you tried to give up a home run? After laughing my answer would have been Tim Redding."


Today, Bacsik had this on his twitter page:

"For everyone on my page that needs a denial; I didn't give up the home run. I was crappy enough to do it without trying."

Ok, fine. Not exactly an apology, but not as juicy as a call-out.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Have a good weekend!


GM-Carson said...

Tim Redding just signed with Colorado I think...I think, hell I'm not sure.

Mike Bacsik has a dad named Mike Bacsik too, also a MLB pitcher.

tamtam said...

Was Mike's dad any good?

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