Thursday, January 21, 2010

Show me the money!!!!!

*Courtesy of Phillies Phollower

So the past couple of days have brought some interesting stories from the Phillies camp. The first story, and I can't believe that I am actually typing this, but Joe "Blow" Blanton wants $10 million. If I were the Phillies, I would say two words "exit left." I would also ask him what the hell have you done for us lately. Last year he was 12-8 with an ERA over four. He also went 1-2 against the Nationals. I will give him credit that on certain occasions he can be a strikeout machine but from start to start you don't know what Joe you are getting. He has yet to be an inning killer. He is averaging a little over five innings a start but while with the Athletics he was getting over seven. In my mind he is actually worthy of one year at $3.7 million. You gotta remember, he is a number three guy in the rotation.

In other news, the Phillies signed Brandon Duckworth. However, he is not invited to spring training so you can expect to see him in either Reading or Lehigh come this spring. I am pulling for this guy to get some time in the bullpen come late July when someone winds up on the DL. Welcome home Duck Pond.
Finally, in an article posted in the Daily News today Brad "Baby" Lidge discusses how his surgery is going, how he is still finding a way to remove his tampon from his ass and start to become a closer, and talks about the many excuses of why he sucked last year. I hope the Phillies book him some appointments at a massage therapist because his neck is still probably sore from all that jerking he did last year of watching those long balls leave the yard so quickly. Dude sucks and needs to produce or get the hell out of Philly.
Side note, Gagne worked out for the Phillies yesterday. Doubt the Phillies will sign him but stranger things have happened.
PREDICTIONS: Blanton gets 8.3 million for this year, Duckworth lasts in Lehigh for 6 weeks and signed by another team, and Lidge doesn't make it through the year. They name Madson the closer come early July.


GM-Carson said...

On the open market Blanton would probably get a 2 or 3 year deal with roughly $8M annually. He's a solid #3, and I like him in the Phils rotation.

Brandon Duckworth sucks. Screw the Duck Pond!

And how did you find out about Brad Lidge using tampons in his anus?

Utility Derek said...

Blanton is not worth 8million a year. He is shaky. Duckworth is a washup. I agree. But why did the phillies do it??? And the lidge commment...its common sense...Schilling had the bloody sock for the soxs...Lidge had the bloody tampoon for the phillies.

GM-Carson said...

Blanton- 3 yr $24M. Damn, I'm good. I do believe that averages 8 million a season.

tamtam said...

LOL @ South Park referance (Lidge's ass tampon). Will he soon explode like Kenny?