Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Royals are Stoopid

Remember when Carlos Beltran and Johnny Damon were roaming the Royals outfield? Yeah, it's hard to picture someone of that stature donning what has become a joke of a uniform. Those days are long gone, as the crop of outfielders for the upcoming 2010 season in Kansas City is just shamefully abysmal. Rick Ankiel and Scott Podsednik join holdover David DeJesus in what will likely be a battle for worst outfield in the majors. Ankiel was just signed earlier this week, but I'm not sure why. With aforementioned Johnny Damon on the market, I don't see the purpose in wasting millions on a converted pitcher that really only has 2 full seasons as an everyday player under his belt, 1 good and 1 not good. Then there's the Podsednik signing. Sure, he hit .304 in a resurgent effort for the ChiSox last year, but before that he had stunk for 3 consecutive seasons. His only asset is speed, and at 34 that might not last much longer. Then there's DeJesus, who is okay, but more of complimentary player than a difference maker. If I were a KC fan, I'd have rather seen management make a run and Damon, Jermaine Dye, or Garret Anderson if they were planning on pissing away millions.

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Colt McCoy said...

I feel sorry for Kansas.
The Royals have turned into an absolute abomination the last ten years.

tamtam said...

You can say that again, Colt!