Monday, January 11, 2010

Pick of the Litter

Free agency is the most anxiety-ridden time for the players involved, managers, owners, and fans. The athletes are hoping not to be cast aside and to land a suitable contract. Managers want to snap up the cream of the crop and find someone who fits with their team. Owners are looking for a return on their investments, and fans want to see either the newcomers lead their team to victory, or favorite players return to the roster. The following batters have been named All Stars at least once in thier careers, and should be a welcome addition to their new team, should they be lucky enough to find one.

First Base Pick
Rich Aurilia

Hank Blalock

Tony Clark

Carlos Delgado

Anthony Nomar Garciaparra

Second Base Pick
Ronnie Belliard

Mark Loretta

Shortstop Pick
Miguel Tejada

Third Base Pick
Aaron Boone

Joe Crede

Melvin Mora

Cliff Floyd

Fielders Pick
Brian Giles

Garret Anderson

Johnny Damon

Gary Sheffield

Randy Winn

Designated Hitter Pick
Jason Giambi

Mike Sweeney

Jim Thome

Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid


Melanie K said...

LOL... I love the 1980s throw-back! I never knew there was a "Mel," but I did know about "Squirtin' Burton."

GM-Carson said...

MLB meets GPK, I love it!

Poor Jim Thome can still thump, but he can't field. He could easily reach 600 homeruns if given a DH job, but not sure he'll find one sadly.

Utility Derek said...

Nice post burton.

Colt McCoy said...

Gassy Garrett.

I'm using that one.

tamtam said...

Nomar, for real?!

No way!!

I thought that guy stopped playing baseball years ago!

Everything just sorta went downhill for the guy after he left the Red Sox for the Cubs :(

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