Saturday, January 16, 2010

Phillies Pheed

*Check out Phoul Ballz for an interview with Phillies minor leaguer Travis "Moose" Mattair. Bullwinkle?

*We Should Be GMs rolled out their 2010 Hall of Fame ballot, which is headlined by Brett Myers, Adam Eaton, Eric Bruntlett, and Bea Arthur...wait, what?

*Macho Row takes a look at the Phillies 5th starter options.

*Swing and a Long Drives recaps the shitty season Brad Lidge pooped out in 2009.

*The Fightins previews the Roy Halladay bobblehead. I just jizzed.

*The Zo Zone names Jimmy Rollins Phillies batter of the decade.

*High Hopes has connections.

*Crashburn Alley is rooting for Brett Myers. Phuck him!

*4 Days Rest apparently doesn't think too highly of Brad Lidge, Brett Myers, or Carlos Beltran.


Amanda said...

Thanks for the link over.

And batting stance guy is awesome.

Anonymous said...

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