Friday, January 01, 2010

More Hardball's Greatest Hits of 2009

Most readers of More Hardball have no idea the site has actually been in existence since 2006. That's because it pretty much sucked until January of 2009 when Burton was added. Then Scotty and Tam-Tam were added in the summer, and most recently Utility Derek. Now we're one big happy family that produces better quality posts on our favorite sport of baseball. Here's a look back at 2009...

*A collection of photoshopped cards of the mangled Mets and their miserable season.

*Baseball's most badass names, that are also mostly sadly obscure. Razor Shines screams 60's greaser.

*10 reasons why the MLB playoffs are better than any other sports'. Reason #8. It gets cold in some cities during the MLB playoffs, but at least they're not skating around a rink saying "Aboot" and missing teeth.

*Bag Tag- a device for umpires to be infallible when calling a runner out or safe.

*Yet more technology gizmos for those retarded blind umps.

*Joe Mauer- best catcher ever?

*A post pumped with campaign propaganda for Curt Schilling's Senate bid.

*When the Nationals finally axed Manny Acta they should have consulted us before naming a replacement manager.

*A post featuring hot-headed Milton Bradley as Mr. Hankey (aka- a piece of shit).

*A collection of nose-picking MLB representatives.

*Preposterous unsubstantiated bullshit that we made up in light of some douche-blogger's accusation of Raul Ibanez taking PEDs. My favorite- Derek Jeter has submitted a tape for the reality series Survivor 7 times now, but has been turned down for what the network is calling “chemical imbalance”.

*A look at the best outfields in Major League Baseball (Phillies, BoSox, Yankees, Dodgers, and Brewers).

*A collection of smooching MLB players. Kiss it A-Rod, kiss it!

*Mascot Kombat- San Diego Chicken versus the Friar. Finish him!

*The Catching Molina Brothers. This post alone brings in over 50 views a day. Thank you to Momma Molina and her magical vagina.

*Revisiting the #1 overall picks in the MLB draft (1999-2008) and (1989-1998). What the hell ever became of Brien Taylor?

*Julian Tavarez has special beer goggles that turn some chucky-butted fugly beast into J-Lo. QVC is marketing them for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

*A team created from players to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

*Some money making schemes for the players hit by those bastards frauds at Standford Financial Group. My favorite- Chippendale Dancer: Johnny Damon in nothing but a bow tie and underwear...scandalous!

*MLB players grabbing their way!

*More Hardball wonders if Derek Jeter is gay. The evidence is substantial.

*Our 1st edition of MLB inspired anagrams. Albert Pujols = Label: Just Pro...yeah, eerie.

*Our 1st edition of MLB inspired twins. Chipper Jones looks like a jackass, the donkey version that is.


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tamtam said...


Great list, Carson. BTW-here's to a new and productive 2010!!

*raises root beer mug*

Burton said...

Has it been a year already? Wow! Here's to a great 2010!

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