Thursday, January 07, 2010

Global World Series?????

So after seeing, Bud Selig has got something else up his sleeve before he departs in 2012. He wants to put the World Series champion against Japan's champion to make a Global World Series. According to a press release posted on Yahoo Sports:
"In meetings with Japanese commissioner Ryozo Kato in Milwaukee, MLB commissioner Bud Selig proposed that the Japanese and U.S. champions play each other, the Nikkansports newspaper reported Thursday.
"'I was surprised, Mr. Selig said he wants to realize the plan before his tenure ends,' Kato told Nikkansports.
"Selig is set to retire in 2012. When he took office in 2008, Kato, a former Japanese ambassador to the United States, said one of his goals was an international series between the world's two biggest baseball nations."
I feel that the WBC is a joke and now Selig wants to put champion against champion. I thought we have all their great players over here. This will last, if it makes it, about one or two years if that. Who the hell wants to fly to a neutral site to watch this? My prediction is it would be in Hawaii in December. Nothing like Charlie in a speedo and the ball girls in two pieces.......Thinking about it more......I VOTE YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

One problem...I guess the "I won the world series now I am going to Disney World" slogan will die out.


GM-Carson said...


tamtam said...

The idea of a global world series or the post of the topic?

GM-Carson said...

Ouch...the Global World Series.

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