Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Free Agent Squad

With January coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to look over the remaining free agents and compose a 25-man roster. There are still some quality players out there. Look for yourself...

(2009 stats listed)
1. Adam Kennedy/3B- .289/.758, 65 r, 29 2b, 11 hr, 63 rbi, 20 sb
2. Felipe Lopez/SS- .310/.810, 88 r, 38 2b, 9 hr, 57 rbi
3. Johnny Damon/CF- .282/.854, 107 r, 36 2b, 24 hr, 82 rbi, 12 sb
4. Russell Branyan/1B- .251/.867, 64 r, 21 2b, 31 hr, 76 rbi
5. Jonny Gomes/RF- .267/.879, 39 r, 17 2b, 20 hr, 51 rbi
6. Jermaine Dye/DH- .250/.793, 78 r, 19 2b, 27 hr, 81 rbi
7. Orlando Hudson/2B- .283/.774, 74 r, 35 2b, 9 hr, 62 rbi, 8 sb
8. Garret Anderson/LF- .268/.705, 52 r, 27 2b, 13 hr, 61 rbi
9. Rod Barajas/C- .226/.661, 43 r, 19 2b, 19 hr, 71 rbi

Yorvit Torrealba/C- .291/.732, 27 r, 11 2b, 31 rbi
Melvin Mora/UTL- .260/.679, 44 r, 22 2b, 8 hr, 48 rbi
Hank Blalock/1B/3B- .234/.736, 62 r, 21 2b, 25 hr, 66 rbi
Gary Sheffield/OF- .276/.810, 44 r, 13 2b, 10 hr, 43 rbi

1. Jarrod Washburn- 9 w, 176 ip, 100 k, 3.78 ERA, 1.19 WHIP
2. Pedro Martinez- 5 w, 44.2 ip, 37 k, 3.63 ERA, 1.25 WHIP
3. Erik Bedard- 5 w, 83 ip, 90 k, 2.82 ERA, 1.19 WHIP
4. Braden Looper- 14 w, 194.2 ip, 100 k, 5.22 ERA, 1.49 WHIP
5. John Smoltz- 3 w, 78 ip, 73 k, 6.35 ERA, 1.45 WHIP

Kevin Gregg/CL- 72 g, 68.2 ip, 71 k, 23 sv, 4.72 ERA, 1.31 WHIP
Kiko Calero- 67 g, 60 ip, 69 k, 1.95 ERA, 1.10 WHIP
Russ Springer- 74 g, 57 ip, 58 k, 4.11 ERA, 1.49 WHIP
Mike MacDougal- 57 g, 54.1 ip, 34 k, 20 sv, 4.31 ERA, 1.66 WHIP
Joe Beimel/Lefty- 71 g, 55.1 ip, 35 k, 3.58 ERA, 1.37 WHIP
Ron Mahay/Lefty- 57 g, 50.1 ip, 42 k, 4.29 ERA, 1.67 WHIP
Chan Ho Park- 45 g, 83.1 ip, 73 k, 4.43 ERA, 1.40 WHIP

The lineup has a nice mix of lefties and righties, with a couple switch hitters thrown in too. Torrealba and Barajas would split time equally behind the plate, Barajas got the "starting" label because of his power numbers. Blalock would serve as DH too, so Dye can become part of the outfield rotation. This lineup would likely outscore the Royals and Pirates, but the outfield defense is pretty atrocious. The rotation is a bit thin on health and innings. Therefore, the bullpen is fortified with relievers that can pitch a lot.

*2009 Free Agent Team- Orlando Hudson, Braden Looper, Garret Anderson, Pedro Martinez, and Joe Beimel are repeat offenders.
*2008 Free Agent Team- half of this team is now retired.
*2007 Free Agent Team- half of this team is now retired, thankfully.

Tom Petty- Free Falling

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Today In History: January 30th

1923: Boston Red Sox trade 29 year old Herb Pennock for Norm McMillan, George Murray, Camp Skinner and $50,000. Already a ten-year veteran of the Major Leagues, the left-handed journeyman had pitched admirably for the Sox in the previous six seasons. However, by 1923, Pennock was just getting started. He pitched a league leading 19 wins and 6 losses for the Yankees, and in three of the World Series games against the Giants. The Yankees would get nine more solid seasons with Pennock, including 3 more World Series appearances. In 1934 Pennock returned to Boston as a reliever before retiring at the age of 40. His career stats included 247 complete games pitched, a 240-162 Win-Loss record, an era of 3.60. He would stay in Boston as a coach from 1936 until 1940. In 1944, he became the GM of the Philadelphia Phillies, and remained there until his death in 1948. The same year, Pennock was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

1936: The Boston Braves change their name to the Boston Bees in an attempt to recreate the team after a dismal 38 - 115 season (the third worst season in baseball history). The name was chosen from among suggestions of news reporters and fans of the franchise. It turns out not to be a popular name, and the Bees become the Braves in 1941.

1959: All Stars Smoky Burgess (C), pitcher Harvey Haddix, and Don Hoak (3B) are traded from Cincinnati to Pittsburg in exchange for Whammy Douglas (P), Jim Pendleton (OF), Johnny Powers (OF), and All Star Frank Thomas (OF).

Just for fun: On January 29, 1995, the San Fransisco 49ers defeated the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX. Playing for the 49ers was 'Neon' Deion Sanders. To date, Sanders is the only athlete to have appeared in both a World Series (with the Braves in 1992), and a Super Bowl. In 1989, Sanders also became the only person to have ever hit a home run in a Major League game and score a touchdown in the NFL in the same week.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Straight from the Tabloids

Here are two stories I found that sound like something ripped right from the tabloids of which I am quite fond of!

The first one involves a backup MLB catcher, his pitcher brother, an NBA player's wife, and a gropey grandpa. This sordid tale begins in Phoenix, Arizona when Gerald Laird, a 30-year old catcher recently aquired by the Detroit Tigers, his 22-year old brother Brandon-a prospect for the Yankees, and their 70-year old grandpa went to see the Suns play the Celtics in the US Airways Arena in downtown Phoenix. The trouble started in a suite above the court when Grandpa Laird allegedly groped Charlsie House, the wife of Celtics forward, Eddie House. It was then that a fight broke out and wound up with the Laird brothers getting arrested. To add to their assault charges, both of the brothers were allegedly intoxicated at the time of the brawl.

And what of Grandpa Laird, the man who allegedly started it all? Well, apparantly he wasn't charged with anything. Lucky bastard (in a bad way). You can read the full story here.

The second story is not so much tabloid material as much as it is a notable bitch-fight between two crappy pitchers. This 5.00+ ERA feud is set between Mike Bacsik and Tim Redding, two Nationals pitchers. Mike Bacsik is the guy who gave up Barry Bonds' 756th home run in 2007, and then was relegated to the minors where he's been ever since. Tim Redding is still on active duty with the Nationals organ-I-zation. Well, this little squabble began when Redding said the following quote:

"You know, I don't like to speak ill of people...Mike was a nice guy and a good teammate....but Mike wanted to give up that HR. I was charting pitches that night for my start the next day and it was super obvious that he wanted to give it up. Everything to Bonds was low 80's and center cut. I think Mike had some notion that if he gave it up, he could be part of history and make a few dollars out of it one day."

"I think Mike had some notion that if he gave it up, he could be part of history and make a few dollars out of it one day." Oohh, that's a kicker!

In response, Bacsik posted on his twitter page the following:

"If somebody would have asked me, what teammate will say you tried to give up a home run? After laughing my answer would have been Tim Redding."


Today, Bacsik had this on his twitter page:

"For everyone on my page that needs a denial; I didn't give up the home run. I was crappy enough to do it without trying."

Ok, fine. Not exactly an apology, but not as juicy as a call-out.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Have a good weekend!

Joe Buck vs. Kyle Farnsworth

Okay, first let me establish something, both Joe Buck and Kyle Farnsworth suck. Buck is that ass-jockey that rode into the FOX broadcast booth on the coattails of his amazing father (God rest his soul). Farnsworth is a fire-balling reliever that is ridiculously overpaid for doing a mediocre job (22 games under .500 for his career with a 4.47 ERA and still made over $21M over the past 4 seasons as a f'n reliever). Just so turns out that they're twins!

Comeback Kid- Wake the Dead

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My name is......

Ok so far I have posted several "Who am I's" and people have quickly gotten them. This time I am convinced that this one will last more than one day. The winner will get a Phillies t-shirt. I will get ahold of the winner personally for name and address. Here it is...

I played under a name that was not on my birth certificate. During my senior year in college I was a co-captain and set an NCAA record for saves in a season. I was originally signed by the Reds but then a few years later I got drafted by another team. In my first Major League appearance I was brought in during a tight situation and eventually got the loss. During one year I lead my team in saves which was only 4. My team sucked. For the latter part of my career I was traded to another National League team where I lasted one game, one batter, and was eventually traded. I ended my career in the National League. For my career I had 19 losses, never started a game and never got a hit.

Who am I!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Somebody Please Sign Johnny Damon

First off, I am not a Johnny Damon fan. That doesn't mean I dislike him, I just don't particularly find myself rooting for the guy. However, it would be a shame if he doesn't land a starting gig somewhere. Yes, he's getting old, but remains quite capable. I see him as an American League guy that can be plugged in leftfield and DH. Just last season he batted .282 with a .854 OPS with the Yankees. That's a great deal better than the average leftfielder. He's now 36 years old, but his bat is obviously still very productive and he still has plus speed. We're talking about a potential Hall of Famer if given 4 more quality seasons, because that would likely bring him to the magical 3000 hit club (currently at 2425). I understand his asking price and possibly years is out of range for some clubs, but for him to fall by the wayside would just be wrong. Somebody please sign Johnny Damon!

Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Milk Money

Here's a story sure to bring a smile to your face.

Today's topic involves Bronson Arroyo, relief efforts to Haiti, and $10,000 worth of OneSource muscle milk.

While Hollywood celebrities organized the "Hope for Haiti" telethon to raise relief money for the beleaguered victims of that terrible earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and fundraisers all over the country were formed to send aid, Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo decided to help out in a more nontraditional manner.

According to "Big League Stew", Arroyo told what OneSouce was and why he was doing this:

"It's a food product, flavored milk with protein in it. I've used it for the last three years," Arroyo said while driving home in Florida. "It's perfect for that situation. It's whole milk that comes in a disposable container and can last up to a year even when it's hot. Third world countries don't have enough milk as it is. I thought it was better than just sending money."

Arroyo coordinated the donation with a Florida-based charity, "For Haiti, With Love." He estimated that the value of the drinks was worth close to $10,000

And I'm sure those survivors will thank him greatly for his generosity.

Have a nice day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ranting and Raving

Tim Lincecum wants to throw around his 160-pounds of weight in order to secure a $13 million dollar contract from the Giants franchise. This is being followed closely by the baseball world, because if successful, it would be the most money secured by a player in his first year of arbitration eligibility. The question is, of course, what is he worth? He is a two-time Cy Young Award winner, an All Star, and has an ERA of 2.90, so why not give him what he's asking for? But damn, Tim, $8 million can buy you a lot of weed!

It has been argued that a baseball player SHOULD hold out for as much money as he can get; that he would be an idiot for agreeing to a smaller amount of money. The player has a highly valued commodity that is in demand, and he should expect top-dollar for it. But Christ-on-a-kayak, we're not talking about minimum wage here. It is not like earning less than desired will place him in a cardboard box behind Hardees. I have never been a fan of the ridiculous amounts of money pro-athletes make - I know I'm in the minority - but in a time of economic hardship in which the majority of Americans are currently mired, hearing about an already over-paid athlete asking for more only makes him look like a selfish prick. Unless he wants to donate the additional millions to efforts in Haiti, I say screw him.

The inevitable question is what the hell else should MLB franchises do with all of their money, if not spend it on the best players? After all, salaries come from the "pot" of money accumulated by the franchise airing games, securing advertisements, ticket and merchandising sales, etc. These organizations make monster amounts of dough each year (last year, Major League Baseball made over $6 billion in revenue) and all they are doing is spreading around the resources available to them. But I have always thought it was a sad reflection on our society that there is that much money available to them in the first place. These are merely entertainers, that's it. Professional athletes are talented, and perform a task few other people on Earth can do, and, yes, there is a demand for that service. But last year, the average salary for an MLB player was $3.7 million, with the lowest paid player raking in $400,000 to essentially ride the pine. That is serious money for being able to hit and throw a ball. They aren't operating on a dying child, or putting out fires, they are playing ball - something elementary school kids do for free.

What does all of this have to do with Lincecum? He is simply the latest in a long string of players demanding ever-increasing salaries, which they usually receive. Franchises will, in return, demand more for their product and will receive that as well, because we are willing to pay it.

If only it were this simple...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Royals are Stoopid

Remember when Carlos Beltran and Johnny Damon were roaming the Royals outfield? Yeah, it's hard to picture someone of that stature donning what has become a joke of a uniform. Those days are long gone, as the crop of outfielders for the upcoming 2010 season in Kansas City is just shamefully abysmal. Rick Ankiel and Scott Podsednik join holdover David DeJesus in what will likely be a battle for worst outfield in the majors. Ankiel was just signed earlier this week, but I'm not sure why. With aforementioned Johnny Damon on the market, I don't see the purpose in wasting millions on a converted pitcher that really only has 2 full seasons as an everyday player under his belt, 1 good and 1 not good. Then there's the Podsednik signing. Sure, he hit .304 in a resurgent effort for the ChiSox last year, but before that he had stunk for 3 consecutive seasons. His only asset is speed, and at 34 that might not last much longer. Then there's DeJesus, who is okay, but more of complimentary player than a difference maker. If I were a KC fan, I'd have rather seen management make a run and Damon, Jermaine Dye, or Garret Anderson if they were planning on pissing away millions.

Dumpin' On Ya:
*No Guts, No Glory has the saga of Mark McGwire versus the drug dealer.

*Bootlegger Sports is stunned by the A's prospect becoming a man of the cloth.

*We Should Be GMs has video of Charlie Manuel and Cole Hamels couples ice skating.

*Federal Baseball takes a look at the rumors swirling around Josh Willingham and Orlando Cabrera.

*Thunder Treats previews Championship Sunday in the NFL.

Slightly Stoopid- Closer to the Sun

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Saintly Slugger

Here's a strange story I found on deadspin.
Out here in Arizona, we are in the middle of the winter season. When winter comes to the desert, winter league baseball gets underway.

Being a die-hard MLB fan, I tend to not pay much attention to the minors. But this story stuck out like a sore thumb, and I had to post it here.

Grant Desme, a prospect for the Oakland A's, has decided to retire from the field at the tender age of 23 in order to join the priesthood. Originally drafted by the A's in 2007, he had a stunning 2009 season and earned an Arizona Fall League MVP award.

While we here at More Hardball wish Grant Desme the best with his future career endeavor, this unusual choice of a career change has me, as well as many other bloggers, puzzled. What would make someone throw away millions of dollars in bonuses and endorsements, only to take a vow of poverty and celebacy? I mean, there are religious athletes out there, and that's good, but they still stay in the sport!
What's your take on this story?
Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who am I????

I am a momma's boy and went to college where I was born. The state right above me drafted me, but I never played in the majors for them. You could say that my career was short and I sucked. I had a career winning percentage with the Phillies of .500. After leaving the Phillies I did good for one year and then sucked again. I got tired of it and no team wanted me. Currently I am a consultant for a baseball team in North Dakota. However, this team is not affiliated with any team in the majors. Who am I???

Show me the money!!!!!

*Courtesy of Phillies Phollower

So the past couple of days have brought some interesting stories from the Phillies camp. The first story, and I can't believe that I am actually typing this, but Joe "Blow" Blanton wants $10 million. If I were the Phillies, I would say two words "exit left." I would also ask him what the hell have you done for us lately. Last year he was 12-8 with an ERA over four. He also went 1-2 against the Nationals. I will give him credit that on certain occasions he can be a strikeout machine but from start to start you don't know what Joe you are getting. He has yet to be an inning killer. He is averaging a little over five innings a start but while with the Athletics he was getting over seven. In my mind he is actually worthy of one year at $3.7 million. You gotta remember, he is a number three guy in the rotation.

In other news, the Phillies signed Brandon Duckworth. However, he is not invited to spring training so you can expect to see him in either Reading or Lehigh come this spring. I am pulling for this guy to get some time in the bullpen come late July when someone winds up on the DL. Welcome home Duck Pond.
Finally, in an article posted in the Daily News today Brad "Baby" Lidge discusses how his surgery is going, how he is still finding a way to remove his tampon from his ass and start to become a closer, and talks about the many excuses of why he sucked last year. I hope the Phillies book him some appointments at a massage therapist because his neck is still probably sore from all that jerking he did last year of watching those long balls leave the yard so quickly. Dude sucks and needs to produce or get the hell out of Philly.
Side note, Gagne worked out for the Phillies yesterday. Doubt the Phillies will sign him but stranger things have happened.
PREDICTIONS: Blanton gets 8.3 million for this year, Duckworth lasts in Lehigh for 6 weeks and signed by another team, and Lidge doesn't make it through the year. They name Madson the closer come early July.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh, them O's

The battle of futility.

Opposing teams have taken to doing victory dances upon scoring runs on the O's.

The Orioles are so shitty that the Oriole himself has turned to the bottle.

Atmosphere- Trying to Find a Balance

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Dugout: Albert Pujols Testifies Before Senate Committee

Since today is a slow news day, I thought I'd post this piece from my favorite spoof site, "The Dugout".

In today's edition of "The Dugout", media golden boy Albert Pujols, makes a SHOCKING confession. Click the link to read the full story.

The Dugout: Albert Pujols Testifies Before Senate Committee

Have a nice day!


Monday, January 18, 2010

National Holiday

In about a month, players will begin reporting to their respective teams for spring training. In our nation's capital, fans of the Washington Nationals are gearing up for another season with their beleaguered boys of summer. All across D.C., businesses are displaying signs of encouragement to help boost the confidence of their home team. The air is palpable with the hope that 2010 will be the year that the Nationals achieve a fourth, even (possibly!), a third place finish in their division. Hopefully the owners, managers, and players will be inspired by the support from their city, and give them all the season they deserve! Below are images taken from around the D.C.-Metropolitan area.

*Images created or modified using the services of

I can't explain it...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Phillies Pheed

*Check out Phoul Ballz for an interview with Phillies minor leaguer Travis "Moose" Mattair. Bullwinkle?

*We Should Be GMs rolled out their 2010 Hall of Fame ballot, which is headlined by Brett Myers, Adam Eaton, Eric Bruntlett, and Bea Arthur...wait, what?

*Macho Row takes a look at the Phillies 5th starter options.

*Swing and a Long Drives recaps the shitty season Brad Lidge pooped out in 2009.

*The Fightins previews the Roy Halladay bobblehead. I just jizzed.

*The Zo Zone names Jimmy Rollins Phillies batter of the decade.

*High Hopes has connections.

*Crashburn Alley is rooting for Brett Myers. Phuck him!

*4 Days Rest apparently doesn't think too highly of Brad Lidge, Brett Myers, or Carlos Beltran.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Picture of the Day

Image courtesy of "Big League Stew"

Bud Selig: Mark! Check out my car! *points at rock*

Mark Attanasio: Bud, why are you pointing at that rock?

Bud: What rock, Mark? That's my car!

Mark: *stares at rock, watches lizard dart between cacti* Uh, Bud, I don't see a car...

Bud: What are you, blind? It's an '84 Pinto with a kickass neon paintjob! You can spot it a mile away! Sure helps when I'm in the parking lot with all those other cars!

Mark: Oh, yeah, very cool. *picks up cellphone and rapidly dials nursing home transport to pick up Bud Selig*

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who am I???

I am from the dirtiest state in the US. I never went to college because I was so damn smart. It took me four years to get my first home run. I started my career and ended my career with the same team. Can you also believe that the most conesecutive years I ever held the same uniform number is two?! When I was with the Phillies they kept changing my number from year to year. I played more games in the American League than I did the National League.

Who am I?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Pirates Kinda Suck

The city of Pittsburgh has the Penguins and the Steelers. Typically playoff caliber teams. Then they have the Pirates. Seventeen straight losing season. Wow. When I was a kid they had Sid Bream, Bobby Bonilla, Barry Bonds, Andy Van Slyke, Doug Drabek, John Smiley, and were flying high. Since then, down the shitter. The Buccos play in beautiful PNC Park, which I finally visited this past season. That park deserves a better product on the field. A look at the Pirates current clubhouse composition and you will find a product far from quality, it's quite putrid.

Andrew McCutchen has star power. The rest of the team, not so much. The offense on paper appears to be one of the worst in recent memory. It's like they're a team full of middle infielders from the 70's. You'd think with all those high draft picks that they'd be able to put together a solid homegrown team in the mold of the Tampa Bay Rays, but not much hope is on the horizon aside from Pedro Alvarez and Jose Tabata. I'm a Philadelphia Phillies Phan phirst and phoremost, but being from Pennsylvania, I'd still like to see the Pirates be competitive.

Link Me:
*No Guts, No Glory comes through with video of the University of Tennessee riots.

*Bootlegger Sports takes a very non-politically correct look at the possible sites of the 2020 Olympics.

*MLB Trade Rumors is the place to go for any transaction or possibility of a transaction for Major League Baseball.

*We Should Be GMs has a collection of Phillies cartoons.

*NESW Sports previews the next round of playoff games in the NFL.

NOFX- The Decline

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New York Fashionistas

I dedicate this post to Scotty, the lone Mets fan on the staff.

Here's a story I originally came across yesterday on "The Sports Hernia", and it tickled me so much that I had to post it here.

After the newest addition, our favorite real Canadian (sorry, Terrence and Phillip), Jason Bay, was photographed recieving a New York Rangers hockey jersey.

In honor of the opportunity to poke fun of the apparent career mixup, the writers at "Hernia" tapped into the Mets history of crappy uniforms to bring us a bizzare series of Mets-themed hats from New Era, the hat company that is a favorite of MLB players and rappers.

Here are just a few of my favorites. Link for full selection will be provided at the end of the post.

First up: the hockey siren hat!

Mets fans will make newcomer Jason Bay feel right at home with every fan in the house wearing this glaring behemoth! Hernia says the siren is specifically wired to go off with a loud, annoying blare after a home run.

Next up: the dead rat!

I guess you can say this pretty much describes the Mets' up to now. HAW HAW!!

Batting third: antlers!

Yeah, I don't get the point of this either. Hernia says it's marketed toward stonecutters, hunters, and Knights of Columbus members who are Mets fans.

Batting cleanup: Lenny Dykstra!

Carson! I think I've found the perfect Mets hat for you to torture Scotty with!

In the 5-spot: Steve Phillips!

Uh, Scotty, you might have to explain this one to me...

Batting 6th: Zubaz!

If it weren't for those ugly-ass pants on the front, even I would consider buying this hat!

Finally, the home run hat!

My personal favorite :)

I will eventually do a followup to this post featuring bizzare hats from all the staff members' favorite teams. Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I will eventually.

Here's all the hats for your viewing pleasure.

Have a nice day!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Pick of the Litter

Free agency is the most anxiety-ridden time for the players involved, managers, owners, and fans. The athletes are hoping not to be cast aside and to land a suitable contract. Managers want to snap up the cream of the crop and find someone who fits with their team. Owners are looking for a return on their investments, and fans want to see either the newcomers lead their team to victory, or favorite players return to the roster. The following batters have been named All Stars at least once in thier careers, and should be a welcome addition to their new team, should they be lucky enough to find one.

First Base Pick
Rich Aurilia

Hank Blalock

Tony Clark

Carlos Delgado

Anthony Nomar Garciaparra

Second Base Pick
Ronnie Belliard

Mark Loretta

Shortstop Pick
Miguel Tejada

Third Base Pick
Aaron Boone

Joe Crede

Melvin Mora

Cliff Floyd

Fielders Pick
Brian Giles

Garret Anderson

Johnny Damon

Gary Sheffield

Randy Winn

Designated Hitter Pick
Jason Giambi

Mike Sweeney

Jim Thome

Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid