Friday, December 18, 2009


Our favorite fucktard Milton Bradley is back in the news again!

When our rival Chicago Cubs signed this little shit, sports bloggers all over the city of Chicago (official and unofficial) said it was a bad thing because Bradley had a history of conflict and was widely regarded as a cancer to any team. Sure enough, we were right. After a dismal season, Jim Hendry said he had enough.
Today, as I was listening to sports radio on the way to Phoenix, I heard that Bradley had been traded to the Mariners in exchange for some pitcher that I'd never heard of.
To the Seattle Mariners and their long-suffering fans, I say "good luck". You are going to need it.


Anonymous said...

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GM-Carson said...

Milton Bradley is a punk ass bitch. He's had problems every season and every stop along the way.

Carlos Silva used to be a Phillie, but he's sucked recently as a Mariner (player they traded for).

andujar said...

one of these days all the honkies of sports that have some issues will get the same treatment as all the black and latino players. so many people are quick to point out personality quirks from guys like milton bradley, manny ramirez, ozzie guillen, allen iverson, carlos delgado, terrell owens (all guys i like), along with barry bonds, carl everett, mike tyson (3 guys i genuinely don't like)...yet where is the same pointed criticism of whites like brett myers (wifebeater), mike difelice (rapist), mike greenwell (dumb hick who called mo vaughn a nigger), mike timlin (all around redneck), curt schilling (loudmouth fascist), etc.

i'm not blaming you guys for this, you have chosen just bradley, as far as i can tell. it's just something to ponder. thoughts that have been on my mind lately about sports media perspectives.

by the way...i enjoy the blog. pretty funny and insightful. i just wanted to spout off because i think bradley is a good player when healthy.

seattle did the best they could with moving silva. jack Z has done a great job so far...let's see how the season works out for seattle fans.

cheers from massachusetts.

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