Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Meetings: Day 2 Report

Indianapolis was popping yesterday with many players on the move or in the rumor mill. Here's the wrap-up from Day 2 of the MLB Winter Meetings...

The Yankees, Diamondbacks, and Tigers came together on a deal that sent many parts moving in every which way. New York got toolsy centerfielder Curtis Granderson. Arizona gets live-armed starting pitcher Edwin Jackson and minor league stud/major league dud Ian Kennedy. Detroit racks up the loot with strikeout superstar starting pitcher Max Scherzer, relievers Daniel Schlereth and Phil Coke, and centerfield prospect Austin Jackson.

Bench Press:
The Phillies rounded out their bench with 1st baseman/corner outfielder Ross Gload. Also, Joe Blanton is supposedly on the trade market.

Penny 4 Your Thoughts:
Somehow Brad Penny landed a 1 year $7.5M deal with the Cardinals. He's coming off a season in which he posted an ERA close to 5 (4.88) and saw his k's per 9 innings severely drop (only 5.7). I don't hate the signing for St. Louis, I just hate the money. Think he's more in the $3M range.

Washed-Up Former ROY:

The Pirates are close to landing a former rookie of the year, but of course he's washed-up...hence the reason Pittsburgh is signing him. Utility infielder Bobby Crosby is looking to be added by the Buccos to create competition with Ronny Cedeno at SS in 2010.

Hungry Like The Wolf:
The Brewers are reported to have offered Randy Wolf a 3 year contract in the neighborhood of $10M annually. Wolf is still feeling out the free agent market, but this is likely the best deal he'll get.

Get The F' Out:
The Braves designated outfielder Ryan Church for assignment, while the Twins gave pitcher Boof Bonser the pink slip.


Freshly acquired Mark Teahen of the ChiSox was inked to a 3 year $14M extension. SS Adam Everett also re-upped with the Tigers for 1 year $1.5M.

It's All Arbitrary:
Only 3 players accepted arbitration from their clubs: Rafael Soriano (Braves), Carl Pavano (Twins), and Rafael Betancourt (Rockies).


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