Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Winter Meetings: Day 1 Report

Ahhhhh the annual Major League Baseball Winter Meetings, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2009. For those who don't quite understand what takes place at these meetings, basically it is this...Owners, GMs, and the like sit down and let other Owners, GMs and the like tell them how much money they would pay for one of their most talented players. It is a glorified auction without the auctioneer and thanks to our wonderful friends in the mass media, rumors abound. Here are a few of the hottest tidbits from Day 1:

Yankees, Diamondbacks, Tigers: 3 Way Deal
Yankees would get OF Curtis Granderson from the Tigers along with a D-Back prospect or two, The D-Backs would get RHP Edwin Jackson from the Tigers and Ian Kennedy from the Yanks, The Tigers would receive RHP Max Scherzer from the D-Backs along with OF Austin Jackson, LHP Phil Coke, and LHP Michael Dunn. Currently talks have cooled off a bit.

Wolf to Brewers?
It is reported that Randy Wolf is close to signing a 3 year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. The lefty was 11-7 last year with a 3.23 ERA for the Dodgers.

Halladay to the Rays?
The Tampa Bay Rays are officially "in" the Roy Halladay Sweepsteaks. Reports seem to make the Rays serious about winning it too. They are supposedly ready give up stud pitching prospect Wade Davis and OF B.J Upton for the prized righty.

Brewers, Mets: Hart for Maine
Reportedly the Brewers would send OF Corey Hart to the Mets straight-up for RHP John Maine.

Jason Bay to L.A.??
The Angels are said to be talking to Bay. They are most likely going to lose Vlad Guerrero and John Lackey along with already departed Chone Figgins, Bay would be a much needed bat to that somewhat depleted lineup.

Not a Rumor: Done Deals

Pudge a National
Pudge Rodriguez signed a 2 year, 6 million dollar deal with the Nats. As a Type B free agent, the Rangers will receive a supplemental first round draft pick for parting ways with the 14 All-Star.

Brian Bruney a National
The Nats have been busy as they have acquired someone to throw the ball to Pudge. Bruney, a RHP, was acquired from the Yankees for a player to be named.

Stay Tuned, remember, these are just from Day 1.


GM-Carson said...

Rafael Soriano also accepted arbitration with the Braves. Leaving Atlanat with Saito, Wanger, and Soriano at the backend of the bullpen...scary good!

tamtam said...

Pudge signed with the Nationals? No way!

That settles it: Pudge's career is officially dead. The Nationals are the end-of-the-road for anyone in baseball.

GM-Carson said...

Pudge is 38 and got a 2 year deal. That's pretty amazing for him, because his bat is below average at this stage, but he still plays quality defense. He's about 300 hits shy of 3000, and I believe he's gunning for that (not sure if any other catcher has that many hits in their career or not).

Utility Derek said...

Ted Simmons had the most with 2,474hits but he has played over 200 games at a differnt position. Pudge is first. Did you hear the other deal at winter meetings...GM Carson to the Mets for a bag of HoHo's and a Pink Lemonade.

tamtam said...


Remember that story about the Bat-man? That guy in the minors a few yrs ago who got traded for a bag of bats? Well, in that vein, Carson will infamously forever be known as the Pink-Ho!

Sorry Carson, I just had to do that! But on the bright side, I guess if you considered moonlighting as a porn star for some extra cash on the side, that might be a stage name to consider, lol :)

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