Saturday, December 05, 2009

Sizemore Should Take Note

Grady Sizemore should take heed of the scantily clad gentlemen above and put a pair of skivvies on that ass.

Brothers From Another Mother:
*No Guts, No Glory previews the NFL's game of the week between the Cowboys and Giants.

*Rumors & Rants wonders which team is shittier, the 2009 New Jersey Nets or the 2008 Detroit Lions.

*Major League Jerk wonders why the Olympic logos are always so f'n retarded.

*Sportress of Blogitude has a story on the US Olympic curling team's venture into the condom market. Seriously, how in the bloody two-fisted hell is curling even a sport?

*Zoner Sports says the ChiSox are partying like it's 1999...because they're signing has-beens from that time period.

*We Should Be GM's thinks the sacrifice fly rule is bogus.

Millencolin- Penguins and Polarbears


Amanda said...

Those guys need to take notes from Grady Sizemore!

tamtam said...

You mean take pix of themselves standing in front of a mirror, naked with a coffee cup in front of their dingdongs, for their girlfriends?

GM-Carson said...

We're equal opportunity up in here. We've posted enough pictures of barely dressed ladies, so figured it was time to post some eye-candy for our lady readership.

tamtam said...

Fair 'nuff :)