Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hot dog at a Phillies game $4.50
Beer at Harry the K's $6.75
Sovenior program $20.00
One World Series ticket SEX

As many of you remember, this past World Series was a heartbreaker. A real ball-breaker for many of us. But speaking of balls, some of you may remember the lady from Philadelphia that decided to prostitute herself for World Series tickets. However, she got caught but then she was awarded tickets to the game. Strange but true. So now, months after the world series she is back in the spotlight for her soon-to-be-trial. According to the articles floating around the web this lady was not just a Phillies fan she was a piece of work. The articles used words such as "whore, loved anal sex" and "lifted up her skirt to "BOB" in public". (BOB was the cop) I found the article to be so hilarious and all for a couple of world series tickets. I wouldn't even let my dog have sex with this woman.

Rumors are circulating that, because Jamie Moyer will be out of action for some time because of surgery, Jason Marquis. His line is as follows:

Marquis, 31, posted a 4.04 ERA, 4.8 K/9, and 3.3 BB/9 in 216 innings for the Rockies this year. He's been portrayed as having a lousy second half, but he really only struggled in September.
I personally find this guy a big risk. He is all over the place and has terrible control. I will give him credit though, he only has a 4.04 era for someone that pitched for the Rockies.


According to ESPN.COM David Freese from the St. Louis Cardinals was arrest for a DWI. His alcohol level was more than 3 times the legal limit. Dude couldn't even see or talk straight when he was pulled over. I find it funny that he had his chance in the majors last year but he wasn't brought up because of a foot injury caused my a car crash. If the Cardinals every find this guy a job, please make sure that he takes the bus to work.

What would you sell/offer/provide for service for World Series tickets???


tamtam said...

What would I sell off for World Series tickets?


Probably some of my posters, old books, some DVDs I don't watch anymore, and my brother's Tiki Barber jersey that I stole from him.

That or some of our 3-D puzzles. I'm thinkin' our city of New York could fetch us some good money.

GM-Carson said...

I'd sell advertising rights to my forward for World Series tickets.

Anonymous said...

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