Tuesday, December 22, 2009

MLB: Best of the Decade (Batting)

With the decade soon coming to an end, More Hardball decided to see which MLB batters won the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the core offensive categories.

Batting Average:
(min. 3000 plate appearances)
1. Albert Pujols- .334
2. Ichiro Suzuki- .333
3. Todd Helton- .331

1. Alex Rodriguze- 1190
2. Johnny Damon- 1115
3. Derek Jeter- 1088

1. Ichiro Suzuki- 2030
2. Derek Jeter- 1940
3. Miguel Tejada- 1860

1. Todd Helton- 431
2. Bobby Abreu- 408
3. Albert Pujols- 387

1. Jimmy Rollins- 95
2. Carl Crawford- 92
3. Christian Guzman- 82

1. Alex Rodriguez- 465
2. Jim Thome- 368
3. Albert Pujols- 366

1. Alex Rodriguez- 1243
2. Albert Pujols- 1112
3. Manny Ramirez- 1106

Stolen Bases:
1. Juan Pierre- 459
2. Carl Crawford- 362
3. Ichiro Suzuki- 341

(min. 3000 plate appearances)
1. Barry Bonds- 1.241
2. Albert Pujols- 1.055
3. Manny Ramirez- 1.018

Notes: It's clear Pujols, Manny, Ichiro, and A-Rod dominated the 00's. It's also a shame that the list is littered with PEDs connections.

*MLB: Best of the Decade (Pitching) coming tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

pretty clear bonds dominated the decade, as he was the most dominant player playing during the decade. decade being a rather arbitrary division of playing time, it is no excuse to discount bonds' achievemnt

Sammy said...

Nope, the non-arbitrary reason of him being a basketball-headed juice hound is sufficient reason to discount his "achievement."

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