Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Halladays and FeLEEz Navidad

As Bill Conlin stated this morning in his column "Adding Halladay to the present mix would move them so close to the big Octemberfest you can almost smell the freshly thrown champagne." I partly agree with the fact that bringing him in would almost assure them a spot in the post season but then again there is reason for concern. The main concern that Ruben is looking at right now is a long term deal, just like how Jim Thome came to Philadelphia, and you saw what happened with that mess. Everyone understands that Halladay is a stud. You look at his numbers, he is tops in almost every category for the past five years. He is a man that can go deep into games and can turn a team into a contender. But my fear is that we are going to run into some sort of injury sometime sooner or later. The big difference between Halladay and Lee is that Lee is entering his first part of his career while Halladay is on the backside of his career. Everyone still remembers the performance Lee put up in the postseason, whereas Halladay has not made it to the postseason ever. The other part of the equation that makes this a risky deal is that the Phillies are selling the farm to get him. They are trading away soon-to-be studs that the Phillies could have used down the road. I completely understand the Phillies mindset that they want to live in the moment and make every effort to return to the Fall Classic just like every other team but is some instances I feel that the Phillies would be a good team even without him. I feel that they should have focused more on the backside of their bullpen and tried to beef up a set up man and possibly made a deal for a closer stud. When looking at the Phillies starting rotation of past years and how the bullpen has managed, minus 2008 when they were golden, you can see the many go ahead runs given up last year and the many blown saves in the bottom of the 9th. I also understand that the would lose Lee at the end of this season due to free agency but it is the risk that you must take. Personally, as a left hander myself, I am always in constant support of bringing as many lefties as possible to the organization. Finally, When the physical is complete, the airplane tickets handed out for Lee to go to Seattle and for Halladay to depart from Toronto, the checks written for millions, the seats sold out for every game at Citizens Bank Park....will it all be worth it? What happens in the end if the Phillies don't even make the playoffs. Who will be at fault. Remember the Mets were in the some predicament when they got K-Rod and had Santana as well. Everyone thought that they were a given for champs and then everyone saw the explosion in Flushing. The questions still remains....can you name the last Phillies pitcher to win 18 or 19 games in a year and that same team make the playoffs all the way to the World Series....it has be eons ago. Is the risk better than the reward? Only time will tell.


GM-Carson said...

I rank Doc Halladay right behind Tim Lincecum as best in baseball, and going to the weaker NL may just make him #1 overall.

Utility Derek said...

I agree that Lincecum is the best in the NL. But I must make the argument that he is pitching in a ballpark that rarely sees homeruns.